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But first let me take a (DC) selfie. 

Cartamundi Group, a worldwide leader in playing cards, and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products have teamed up to release a limited-edition collection of DC Hybrid Trading Cards by Hro entitled DC “Selfie Moments.” This 19-card set features designs that come from DC’s The New 52 line of comic books and feature artwork from a fun series of variant covers that appear to be taken from the character’s POV as a selfie.

This limited-edition hybrid collection is the second one of the year for the brand, with the first launching during Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) in July. What’s especially exciting about this release, though, is that fans who can’t make it to NYC for New York Comic Con (NYCC) actually have a “first look” opportunity to pre-order some packs on before the rest of the packs hit the convention room floor. 

The DC “Selfie Moments” box assortment is randomized, allowing for an extra adventure for collectors who want to display both The Joker and Harley Quinn editions of the boxes as a part of their physical collections. Plus, while most of the cards will be in Hro’s traditional sizing (2.4 by 3.5 inches), the company has also announced the return of the Mega Card, clocking in at about 3.46 by 4.96 inches and featuring an incredible shot of Lex Luthor alongside the Justice League. In addition, the Epic-tier design unlocks a bonus set of digital trading cards on top of the physical packs so fans can continue collecting on the Hro mobile app. 

Preorders of DC “Selfie Moments” are available now for $35 and the remaining supply will be available for purchase at NYCC at the Hro Booth No. 1157 from Oct. 12-15.