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Mario Kart Tour - Kamek
Image: Nintendo

Update: Nintendo has now shared a much better look at Kamek in Mario Kart Tour. He’ll be paired with his very own kart (known as the Zoom Broom) and his special skill is Coin Box.

Mario Kart Tour is quickly becoming the most expansive game ever in the series’ history. Following on from the addition of retro tracks like Cheep-Cheep Island from the GBA release, Nintendo is now adding another new (but classic) character.

It’s the Magikoopa Kamek. Although this isn’t the first time Kamek has appeared in some way or form within the Mario Kart series, this does mark his official debut as a playable driver. If you look close enough, you should be able to see him in the background of the following image:

This new tour will be fittingly titled the ‘Kamek Tour’ and will include a remix of Ghost Valley 1. It follows on from the Frost Tour which included a remix of Vanilla Lake 1 and Penguin Mario. Will you be booting up Mario Kart Tour to try out Kamek? Leave a comment down below.