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Sportswear giant Nike and video game maker EA Sports have announced a groundbreaking collaboration that integrates Nike’s “.Swoosh” Web3 platform into future EA games. This partnership aims to create immersive experiences and introduce digital collectibles, including NFT-based Nike virtual creations, to enhance customization in the gaming world.

Nike and EA Sports Join Forces for Web3 Collaboration

Nike, a prominent sportswear company and a major player in the Web3 sphere, made an announcement on Thursday about a partnership with EA Sports, a video game developer. The collaboration involves the creation of digital collectibles featuring Nike-branded gear, which will be integrated into upcoming EA games through Nike’s .Swoosh platform.

Although the specific term “NFTs” has not been explicitly mentioned, Nike’s .Swoosh platform, which was introduced last year and is currently in a closed beta phase, operates on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network. The platform offers NFT collectibles in the form of digital sneakers and membership cards as of now.

Nike stated in a release that it is collaborating with EA Sports to make certain .Swoosh virtual creations accessible within future EA Sports games. The focus of this partnership between the two sports brands will be on producing new immersive experiences with a strong emphasis on customization, as highlighted in the announcement.


The accompanying teaser video displays Nike-branded football and soccer equipment, and includes an image of a football helmet NFT collectable from .Swoosh.

According to the .Swoosh website, Nike refers to its tokens as “Nike virtual creations,” encompassing digital sneakers, apparel, accessories, and various collectibles that can be worn in games or exchanged for exclusive products, events, and more.

Ron Faris, the General Manager of Nike Virtual Studios, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Nike and EA Sports share a commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence, and we are thrilled to partner with them.” He added that this partnership will unlock incredible new experiences for the .Swoosh community and the extensive fan base of EA Sports.

Andrea Hopelain, Senior Vice President of Brand for EA Sports & Racing, emphasized the publisher’s objective of bringing creativity and self-expression to the forefront for fans, allowing them to connect, compete, and share their passion for sports.

Although further details about the collaboration have not been publicly disclosed, Nike has assured that more information regarding its collaboration with EA Sports will be revealed in the following months.

Nike Swoosh

EA Sports, a division of Electronic Arts, is known for game franchises such as Apex Legends, The Sims, and Battlefield. Since its establishment in 1991, EA Sports has released popular sports games associated with Madden NFL, FIFA, NHL, and NASCAR.

With a restricted user base at present, the .Swoosh platform introduced its inaugural NFT collection recently, achieving impressive sales of more than 92,000 NFTs. This collection, named “Our Force 1,” kicked off with an NFT airdrop and subsequently offered digital shoe boxes containing revealed digital sneakers.

Nike has witnessed remarkable financial success from its NFT releases, accumulating a total revenue of over $186 million since December 2021, as reported by Dune Analytics.

A notable portion of these earnings can be attributed to Nike’s purchase of RTFKT, a Web3 startup renowned for its expertise in CloneX NFTs featuring acclaimed artist Takashi Murakami.

Nike has also introduced NFT-based CryptoKicks and exclusive physical sneakers that are exclusively attainable through redeemable NFTs. Notably, NBA icon LeBron James was observed donning a pair of these sneakers prior to a playoff match.

A Peak into Nike’s Metaverse – From Revolutionary Concepts to Immersive Experiences

Nike’s foray into the metaverse has positioned the brand at the forefront of digital innovation and immersive experiences. With the introduction of their “.Swoosh” Web3 marketplace and the success of their virtual world, Nikeland, Nike has demonstrated a proactive approach to embracing shifting global trends.

The Nike Metaverse encompasses the .Swoosh platform and Nikeland, providing users with the opportunity to customize avatars, participate in virtual sports, and showcase and trade virtual and physical collections.

The Nike Metaverse journey began with the launch of the “.Swoosh” platform in November 2022, creating a hub for NFTs and virtual collectibles.

Building on the success of Nikeland, Nike’s first venture into the metaverse on Roblox, the company has continued to expand its digital presence. The acquisition of RTFKT Studios further exemplifies Nike’s commitment to embracing emerging trends and leveraging innovative technology.


Nike has placed considerable emphasis on virtual designs within the metaverse, with particular attention given to innovative endeavours alongside RTFKT. This partnership has yielded revolutionary manifestations, including the exceptional RTFKT x Nike AR Genesis Hoodie and the exclusive Footballverse jersey, both of which defy conventional distinctions between the digital and tangible realms.

By integrating augmented reality and NFC technology, these designs amplify the user’s encounter, effectively blurring the boundaries between the real and virtual domains.

Cryptokicks has also emerged as a notable aspect of the Nike Metaverse. These shoes are released as NFTs, allowing for easy trading and customization. The partnership with RTFKT Studios enables users to personalize their virtual shoes using different “skins” and “vials,” catering to the growing demand for unique and personalized products.

Looking ahead, Nike’s plans for the Metaverse are promising. Activity-based NFTs hold the potential to evolve and improve based on users’ real-world activities, providing a dynamic and rewarding experience.

Nike’s existing loyalty program, Nike Plus, can be extended into the metaverse, offering digital incentives and rewards to motivate and engage athletes. Additionally, collaborations with influencers and prominent figures in the metaverse can introduce exclusive virtual items and further enhance the brand’s presence.

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