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A group of students at New Hampshire’s Bedford High School are facing disciplinary action after they allegedly took photos of some of their female classmates, made them into trading cards and graded the pictures.

Administrators at Bedford High School sent a warning to parents this week, noting that some freshmen and sophomores — mostly boys — had created physical and digital trading cards featuring the chests and backsides of girls in the 11th and 12th grades.

“This is horrible,” a high school senior told NBC10 Boston. “That’s just disgusting.”

The student says that for at least a week, boys had been printing pictures of the girls and taping them over Pokémon cards.

“They were, like, rating them,” said the student, whom NBC10 Boston is not naming. “From 0 to 10, and just rating them, ‘bad or not bad.'”

The senior says the girls didn’t even know they were on the cards until the last several days. One of them is his friend.

“She’s pissed. She’s not happy at all,” he said. “She was just very embarrassed.”

As of Friday afternoon, an online petition calling for the students who created the cards to be expelled had over 1,700 signatures.

The superintendent says he still doesn’t even know the names of the students or victims, and that the district has only received vague complaints.

“The administration has been talking to kids. No names have come forward. So if there are names, we would like those names,” Superintendent Michael Fournier told NBC10 Boston. “This is inappropriate. We’re going to deal with it. There will be consequences. Once we know, then we’ll know which consequences to issue.”

Bedford, a town of about 23,000 people, is located just outside of Manchester in southern New Hampshire. About 1,500 students attend the high school.