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Published October 31, 2023

On September 27, 2023, during the EDGE Global AI&Web3 Investment Summit, NFT.PRO held a global press conference at the Asia International Expo in Hong Kong. The NFT.PRO press conference was a disruptive unveiling of innovation. This is not only the first appearance of physical digital cards, but also the official release of NFT.PRO’s global certification system based on IEEE P3220. This milestone event marks the beginning of a new chapter in the real asset tokenization (RWA) of NFT.PRO physical digital cards, based on international standards and globally unified.

The world’s leading digital asset trading platform NFT.PRO has announced the successful release of international standards for digital assets, marking the official entry of NFT.PRO into Trillions level RWA market and providing new rules and standards for global digital asset trading. NFT.PRO has always been committed to providing users with secure, convenient, and efficient digital asset trading services. The international standards for digital assets released this time will not only help improve the trading security of the platform, but also promote the normalization and standardization of the digital asset trading market, providing investors with a more stable and reliable investment environment.

The international standards for digital assets in NFT.PRO cover multiple links such as trading, storage, and transfer, and provide detailed operational procedures and technical requirements for the entire process of issuance, trading, settlement, and other aspects of digital assets. The release of this standard will provide unified operational norms for global digital asset trading, reduce transaction risks, and improve transaction efficiency.

In addition, NFT.PRO also stated that it will take the release of international standards for digital assets as an opportunity to further expand its business scope and open a new chapter in Trillions level RWA market. In the future, NFT.PRO will continue to deepen technological innovation, optimize its service system, and provide users with more diverse digital asset trading options.

Real World Asset Tokenization (RWA) is an innovative financial model that digitizes real-world assets such as real estate, bonds, stocks, etc.,allowing them to be linked and traded on blockchain networks.The emergence of this model not only provides new possibilities for traditional asset trading, but also provides investors with more investment choices. The release of NFT.PRO’s global certification system played a crucial role in this process. This system uses blockchain technology to globally authenticate real assets, ensuring their authenticity and legality. This not only improves the efficiency of trading, but also reduces the risk of trading. Therefore, the release of NFT.PRO’s global certification system undoubtedly injected strong momentum into this field.

This press conference has received widespread attention from the industry and attracted the participation of many well-known enterprises and institutions, including the Hong Kong Blockchain Association, Tai Group Co., Ltd, Asia Pacific First Satellite Media Group, IEEE P3220 standard group, iPollo, and Rongchuang Culture. This move by NFT.PRO has received widespread attention and high praise from the industry. Participants stated that the release of NFT.PRO’s international standards for digital assets is not only a demonstration of its own technical strength, but also a contribution to the entire digital asset trading industry. This will undoubtedly inject new vitality into the healthy development of the global digital asset trading market.

In addition, HKBA Honorary Chairman Zhang Junyong, IEEE Computer Association Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Technical Committee Chairman Li Ming, and Tai Group Co., Ltd’s founder Deng Di delivered speeches at the press conference. This press conference was a successful one, and the speeches of the three guests were filled with expectations for the future and a love for innovation, pointing out the direction for the future development of NFT.PRO and providing impetus for our innovation path. 

At the press conference, NFT.PRO announced cooperation plans with companies including Vertex Labs, Com2000, Weiyi (Hangzhou) Digital Technology Co., Ltd, Yilian Xingyun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, and Dianzhen Internet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The signing and cooperation between NFT.PRO and leading enterprises in multiple industries marks the active exploration of innovative business models and technological solutions by industry leaders. Through the complementary advantages and resource integration of all parties, they will jointly address challenges, achieve more efficient operational development, and jointly promote the development of NFT applications into the 2.0 era.

In the cooperation with Vertex Labs, in the future, Tai Group Co., Ltd and Vertex will deeply integrate Web3 and AI, using NFT.PRO as a carrier to seamlessly integrate technology and art, and jointly promote the strong alliance of Web3+AI+capital+art+fashion around the world, bringing the future into reality. 

In its cooperation with Yilian Xingyun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, Yilian Xingyun (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, as a technology enterprise that comprehensively focuses on Web3.0 technology infrastructure and scenario applications, will provide NFT.PRO with secure, compliant, and convenient one-stop services. Both parties will closely collaborate to jointly create a Web3.0 product ecosystem and promote the rapid and standardized development of the industry. 

The cooperation with Weiyi (Hangzhou) Digital Technology Co., Ltd will further strengthen the influence of NFT.PRO in the field of digital art.Both parties will jointly promote the display, sales, and trading of digital artworks, providing more international opportunities for digital artists. NFT.PRO, as a leading NFT trading platform, has a large user base and a good reputation. Weiyi International will leverage its advantages in the international market to bring more international buyers and partners to NFT.PRO. This will help improve the trading efficiency and liquidity of digital art, further promoting the development of the entire digital art market. 

The cooperation with Com2000 will focus on the innovative application of NFT.PRO in the field of artificial intelligence. Com2000 is a company dedicated to the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on the development of the technology industry and focusing on cutting-edge research. NFT.PRO, as an innovator in the field of digital assets, will integrate their respective advantages and resources to jointly create a global digital asset innovation platform.

In the cooperation with Dianzhen Internet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, both parties will be committed to the combination of physical digital cards and ER virtual technology, helping physical merchants and enterprises achieve online and offline integration, and reducing costs and increasing efficiency in operation and promotion. Assist physical merchants in achieving an integrated online and offline operation model. This will bring more business opportunities and development space for enterprises, while also providing consumers with better shopping experiences and services.

The cooperation between NFT.PRO and multiple enterprises is an important milestone, marking the active exploration of innovative business models and technological solutions by industry leaders. In the future, they will continue to work closely with their partners to jointly promote the development of NFT applications in the 2.0 era and make more contributions to the prosperity of the digital economy.

NFT.PRO entity digital card is an innovative product that combines digital and physical elements. Its appearance has attracted high attention and appreciation from the attendees. The innovative power of NFT.PRO entity digital cards will bring new opportunities and possibilities for the integration of digital assets and the physical world. The attendees expressed high appreciation for the NFT.PRO entity digital card, believing that its innovative power will lead the integration of digital assets and the physical world. At the EDGE Summit, people witnessed the charm of this new type of card together.

NFT.PRO always adheres to user demand orientation, driven by technological innovation, and is committed to providing users with the highest quality services. The international standards for digital assets released this time will undoubtedly open up a new path for the development of NFT.PRO in the global digital asset trading market, leading the industry towards a brighter future. It not only showcases the integration of digital assets and the physical world, but also provides new opportunities and value for investors, entrepreneurs, and fashion pioneers. The exhibition of NFT.PRO entity digital cards will further promote the development and application of NFT assets, contributing to the prosperity of the digital economy.


The NFT.PRO platform is an authentication system that links digital assets and physical world assets. It is also an NFT asset that supports and is compatible with all mainstream public chains and NFT trading markets worldwide. Based on the IEEE international standard P3220NFT, globally unified. NFT PRO physical digital card is a new collection that combines digital technology and physical cards. It has strong technical support and rich and diverse application scenarios. It has characteristics such as standardization, security, uniqueness, flexible trading, and collectible value.

About the EDGE Summit

The EDGE Global AI&Web3 Investment Summit is a groundbreaking event representing the fusion of cutting-edge technology and infinite possibilities, jointly leading the future of AI, Web3, and other fields, unleashing disruptive innovation, empowering entrepreneurs, investors, and fashion pioneers, and accelerating the promotion of widespread market applications. The EDGE Summit is supported by the Hong Kong government and hosted by AGI Society (USA), Vertex Labs (UK), Luna PR (Dubai). It is co-organised by the Hong Kong Blockchain Association (HKBA), Silicon Valley High tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit (SVIEF), Techhub News, China Britain Artificial Intelligence Association (CBAIA), BlockBeats, TokenInsight, and Oobit, and undertaken  by GL events (French Zhiao Exhibition Group). After the first summit was held in Hong Kong, it will be held successively in Dubai, London, Silicon Valley and other regions. 

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