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The NFT market has become a space where athletes and public figures find opportunities to capitalize on their fame and talent. The latest example of this is NBA player Victor Wembanyama, who is making waves both on the court and in the world of NFTs.

Victor Wembanyama, a young NBA prospect playing for the San Antonio Spurs, achieved a record with the sale of one of his Ethereum-based NFTs.

His trading card, issued by Sorare NBA, sold for over $110,000 in an auction. This apparently surpassed the record for the sale of one of his physical trading cards.

The unique digital card, known as “Unique,” represents Victor Wembanyama, who was the first pick in the NBA draft this year. The auction concluded with the card selling for 61.182 ETH, equivalent to approximately $110,120 at the time of the auction’s closing.

This figure exceeded the sale price of Wembanyama’s physical trading card, which sold at an auction through the Goldin platform for $67,333 in August. The physical card was a “pre-rookie” version before his official debut in the NBA.

The record-breaking sale of Wembanyama’s NFT is a testament to his immense talent and growing popularity as an emerging star in the league.

Furthermore, it highlights the key advantages of owning a Sorare digital card compared to a traditional physical sports collector’s card: verifiable ownership and real utility.

Sorare Empowers Athletes and Artists

Sorare NBA is an officially licensed fantasy game that was launched in 2019. While it began with a fantasy soccer game, it has expanded its offerings to include specific games for the NBA and Major League Baseball.

Each game features NFT trading cards that players can use to build their lineups in the game.

In turn, these lineups can earn them rewards such as cryptocurrencies and additional NFTs.

sorare nba nft

Sorare’s success is undeniable, having generated over $713 million in NFT sales to date, according to data from CryptoSlam.

This has made it a prominent player in the NFT market and a company valued at $4.3 billion after a successful Series B funding round in 2021 that raised $680 million.

This is not the first time Sorare NBA has set a record for NFT sales. In February, an NFT based on Giannis Antetokounmpo, a star of the Milwaukee Bucks, sold for 113.9 ETH, approximately $187,000 at that time.

These transactions are not only an investment but also a way to connect fans with their favorite athletes and figures in completely new ways. With each record broken, the world of NFTs grows and becomes more popular.