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Weekly Alpha Trial Tournaments Allow Gamers to Win Giveaways and Interact with CEO During Live Streams of Each Game Build

LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At the 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo today, Mino Games unveiled the alpha version of Dimensionals, a next generation gaming franchise that will eventually feature the first character-driven RPG (role-playing game) to use A.I. to power unique, unscripted character interactions and real-time, shareable mods. Unlike conventional RPG franchises, Dimensionals will also feature limited edition collectors items like NFTs, toys, comics and trading cards to deliver the most compelling, personalized gaming experiences.

Mino Games introduces new characters from Dimensionals, from left to right: Terraton, Shork, Turbo Shell, Celestorm, Shade Strike, Magmama.

Mino Games introduces new characters from Dimensionals, from left to right: Terraton, Shork, Turbo Shell, Celestorm, Shade Strike, Magmama.

Today’s modern gamers expect more engaging and personalized experiences that many traditional RPG franchises don’t deliver, such as live streaming, modding, user-generated content, guilds and active Discord communities. Dimensionals will deliver on all of these aspects, including using A.I. and Web3 tech to deliver the most compelling characters, interactive storylines, and personalized gameplay ever.

“Today’s RPGs need a storytelling upgrade using the latest technology,” said Sasha MacKinnon, co-founder and CEO of Mino Games. “Dimensionals is a character-driven franchise built for modern gamers on modern technology. Our mission is to build the next $100B gaming franchise that includes the game, cards, toys, digital collectables, comics, an animated TV series, and a wide variety of other merchandise. Mino Games is using Web3 and A.I. to connect all of these products so players can play, collect, own, compete, and create in ways that weren’t possible before.”

Dimensionals – Heroes of the Multiverse
Dimensionals is a fast paced, high stakes and action-packed RPG where players collect an army of unique heroes to save the multiverse. Gamers enter the Rift to battle enemies, explore new dimensions, recruit new Dimensionals, discover new stories, team up and compete for valuable collectors items. Designed to be live streamed, gamers will be able to create, play, and share their mods in real-time with other gamers.

In addition, players’ heroes will truly take on a life of their own through A.I. Hero characters will have their own memories, unique personalities, and unscripted dialogue that evolve as gamers interact with them – making an entirely new way to experience RPGs.

In Dimensionals, NFTs are limited edition collectors items that can be used in the game and tie together every part of the gaming franchise, including the game, trading cards, toys, digital collectables, comics, the animated TV series, and other merchandise.

Weekly Alpha Trials
Starting in Q3 this year, gamers can experience Dimensionals by competing for limited edition collectables in weekly alpha trial tournaments while Mino Games’ CEO, Sasha MacKinnon, live streams the new alpha build each week on Discord. Each week for six weeks, Dimensionals will open up for 48 hours with a new raid, story, enemies and characters.

“We’re trying something different to engage our community. Our alpha trials are almost like a game show rather than a closed playtest,” added MacKinnon. “You can play, compete, watch, chat with the developers, and win super rare Dimensionals NFTs – all live in Discord.”

NFT holders of Eve, Dimensionals‘ mascot, are eligible to play and win giveaways (e.g., toys, in-game consumables, NFTs of heroes) in the alpha trials on Mac and Windows desktop apps. Gamers can apply to be whitelisted for Eve here and get access to exclusive channels, products, and events in Dimensionals.

Dimensionals will be a cross-platform game available on desktop (Windows and Mac), mobile (iOS and Android), and major consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch). Mino Games will be releasing various A.I. and other features throughout this year and beyond. Gamers can learn more about Dimensionals here, and view the trailer here.

About Mino Games
Mino Games is the trailblazing creator of character-driven games and a pioneer in Web3 gaming with its latest franchise, Dimensionals. Since launching in 2011, the company has garnered more than 60 million downloads for its mobile games with players in more than 90 countries.  Mino Games is leveraging blockchain technology to unlock a new era for gamers by developing character-driven worlds where players come to play, collect, own, compete, and create. The company has drawn seasoned talents from major gaming companies, including Electronic Arts and Zynga, and counts renowned video gaming veterans Bing Gordon and Don Mattrick as strategic advisors. Mino Games has raised more than $25M from top-tier investors Andreessen Horowitz, Boost VC, Earl Grey Capital, and Konvoy Ventures among others. For more info, visit and Twitter @minogamesinc.

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Mino Games Logo (PRNewsfoto/Mino Games)

Mino Games Logo (PRNewsfoto/Mino Games)



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