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People’s perceptions are changing, people generally accept and are willing to hold NFT collections in the AV field, and AV is no longer an shame word.

The essence of NFT is the on-chain proof of rights of assets. On a physical level, an NFT is just a string of machine-generated data, not a piece of art, an avatar, or a football card itself, but a way to track asset ownership by putting it on the chain. At present, the scale of the NFT market continues to expand, and it is breaking the circle from the encryption field to the mainstream public.

NFT has preliminarily achieved its breakthrough among mainstream people and its application in multiple industries. The number of users and projects in digital art, retail, real estate, clothing and fashion and other property rights trading markets has reached one million, the volume is considerable, and it shows the characteristics of high growth and concentrated categories. In addition, the pan-IP field also shows great development potential, and more artists, grass-roots creators, and stars are actively embracing the changes brought by NFT. This change is most significant in the AV field. Following well-known AV actresses such as Hatano Yui and Uehara Ai, Minami Riona, a well-known AV actress born in the 1990s, will also launch her first NFT work, and the NFT market in the AV field has ushered in a boom again.

The underlying logic of blockchain technology-enabled industries is the same, and NFT is naturally no exception. We believe that the AV industry will benefit first. In this context, the Minario NFT we are concerned about is a multi-chain NFT project. While technology protects the copyright integrity of AV culture and content works, it strengthens the zero-distance communication between artists and fan groups, revitalizes the fan economy, improves the economic benefits of AV artists, and finally builds a comprehensive NFT platform with the theme of Japanese AV actresses. Among them, the first batch of NFT works released by the Minario NFT project is based on the famous Japanese actress Minami Riona born in the 1990s as a prototype. A total of 1,000 NFTs have been released, which are divided into 4 levels: Mystery, Super Rare Card, Rare Card, and Common card according to rarity, creating digital scarcity for assets. It supports ETH, BSC and other multi-chain wallet circulation transactions, which can meet the collection and transaction needs of different main chains of fan groups.

In a market full of cheap advertising websites and piracy, the Minario NFT platform uses AV actresses as the entry point to the NFT market. Creating and selling NFTs is more about empowering the AV industry and providing more interactive application scenarios. for example

• Provide NFT exclusive rights;

• Provide exclusive AV works (video, audio, photos, peripherals) for NFT holders;

• Co-producing/directing/shooting/participating in plans for AV works;

• NFT metaverse application and NFT game social networking, etc.

Since the AV industry has a unique attribute, it can cover various types of content such as video, games, audio, text and pictures, which provides favorable conditions for enhancing its interactivity, over the past few years, the artist-fan interaction craze has become a real craze among OnlyFans and other fan sites in Europe and the US. People are willing to pay for ASMR because it is also a mode of interaction with the artist. The solution of the Minario NFT platform will generate more and wider scenarios with the improvement of the interaction between AV actresses and fans, which can not only improve user stickiness, but also obtain economic and social benefits in the form of word-of-mouth marketing. The most important thing is, it helps to subvert the cultural notion that AV productions are a one-off product.

Just imagine that as time goes by, the value of NFT collectibles of AV works will continue to increase, and the application scenarios will continue to increase, and it is even possible to actually meet and have dinner with the actress you love in the AV movie. The Minario NFT platform provides these and many other opportunities to get rid of the producers, agencies, platforms and other middlemen in AV movies, thanks to the use of blockchain technology and NFT, AV actresses and audiences interact directly without paying high commissions have become a new way of monetizing content.

About Minario NFT:

Minario NFT is a comprehensive NFT platform with the theme of AV actresses. Taking the overseas exclusive NFT publishing rights of the well-known AV actress Minami Riona born in the 1990s as the entry point, while protecting the copyright integrity of AV culture and content works through blockchain technology, it also strengthens the zero-distance interaction between AV artists and fan groups, helping more AV artists and content creators can monetize their works through NFT, build a new AV digital collection market, and establish a DAO community centered on AV culture.

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