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The metaverse has been trending ever since Facebook’s name change, but if you aren’t active in the crypto community, you may have no idea what the metaverse even is. The easiest way to understand what the metaverse is is to look at Decentraland. 

Decentraland is an Ethereum blockchain based virtual world. In the world, you can find just about everything in the real world. You can buy land, use it to build marketplaces or environments, play games at casinos to earn crypto, buy NFTs at art galleries, display the digital art on your virtual land, and much more. It is essentially a comprehensive blockchain digital world where you can do all things crypto and NFTs.

While this may seem like a game, Decentraland and the metaverse is so much more. Buying plots of land or whole city blocks can be a valuable investment as the digital world slowly takes over. Things like digital trading cards could be displayed in your digital home, allowing NFTs and other crypto collectibles like blockchain trading cards to be displayed like traditional art. This could finally give NFTs the boost to be seen as equal to traditional art in the mainstream.

The metaverse as seen in Decentraland also has the potential to be an important aspect of society. As more and more people are physically disconnected, digital connection becomes more important than ever. Decentraland could serve as a virtual meeting place for the digital age. Giving people a place to have a home, show it to their friends, play games together, etc. could help bring people together in an increasingly divided society. Decentraland and its metaverse to be a part of a massive transfer of wealth to small time investors. The potential financial freedom one can get from earning and selling crypto via the metaverse, investing in digital property, and trading NFTs could be life changing for many. An opportunity to spread wealth out to regular everyday people is one not to be missed. 

Though this only touches on the potential of the metaverse, it should help you understand what exactly it is and what it has to offer. The metaverse may be one of the most important developments of our time, so it is important to at least be familiar with it. More ideally though, one should research the metaverse on their own and consider what it can offer you.