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Multiplayer card game, Medabots, which involves battles between robots and is housed on the blockchain, is set to revolutionize the crypto gaming world with its exquisite graphics and strategic gameplay.


The project is also excited to announce that its Medamon token ($MON), which is an ERC20 token based in the BSC Network, is expected to launch on multiple exchanges after a successful launch on April 14, 2022.

Medabots – The Game

Medabots is a free-to-play, and play-to-earn game in which users may use the game’s elements to build their own robots. Basic Pieces can be obtained in-game, but NFT Pieces can only be purchased or minted on the Market and generate extra revenue. As a consequence, each piece generates a card that can be used to battle in the game. Each robot has its own stats, and users can also boost its Life, Attack, Defense, or Speed by using pieces with the desired figures.

Medabots Game

In addition, the player can select a Trainer (Avatar) to assist his robots during the battle.


There are three initial game modes:

  • Adventure

  • Multiplayer

  • League.

After downloading the game, users will be able to play in Adventure Mode. Once the user has collected three robots in Adventure Mode, they will be allowed to play in League and Multiplayer modes.

In Adventure and Multiplayer modes, users can obtain Basic Pieces and other rewards that will help them in battle. Similarly, in League mode users can earn MON that will allow users to buy new NFTs in the market or create their own.

Robot Pieces and Cards:

Each robot is composed of various parts:

  • Core

  • Right arm

  • Left arm

  • Legs

The Core provides two cards, while each of the other parts contributes one, for a total of five cards from your robot. Except for core cards, all cards in the game are duplicated at the start of the battle. Similarly, League and multiplayer fights involve 3-versus-3 robots, thus the deck will include a total of 24 cards.

There are three types of cards:

  • ATTACK: These cards allow you to command your robots to execute attacks during the fight.

  • DEFENSE: You play these cards during your turn, and they will allow you to Shield your robots. They can also provide various advantages.

  • POWER: These powerful cards can only be played once, but their effect lasts until the robot dies.

Further information about the Medabots game can be found here.

Matabots Economy

The Medabots ecosystem consists of 2 token. Medamon will be used to purchase NFTs on the market, create new NFTs, and reward game players. Medacoin will also be used as a player reward and will be taxed by Medamon. Both tokens will allow the community to vote on future game enhancements and other strategic choices for the project.

Medamon (MON)

Medamon (MON) is an ERC-20 coin that operates on the BSC network. A total of 80.000.000 (eighty million) coins have already been minted. There are no more that can be minted. 

The price will be protected for a long time, and it is very likely that the value will increase because the amount of MON will always remain constant, even if the number of new players increases.

The Medamon token will be used for:

  • Creating new NFTs inside the market.

  • Purchasing the NFTs from other players in the market.

  • Buy in-game items.

  • Receiving rewards in the game.

Medamon (MON) Tokenomics

With MON, users will also be able to buy physical merchandise on the website and future Medabot related games.

There is a treasury that houses the payment transaction of rewards.  This includes all players that win the game. The treasury is linked to MON and involves the following transactions:

Medamon Contract: 0x52b7C9D984EA17E9EE31159Ca3FfF3790981B64A

Medacoin (MEDA)

When users claim in-game MON from the Market, Medacoin will be used as in-game rewards (users will receive both, MEDAMON and MEDACOIN). Furthermore, MEDACOIN will receive a 0.5% tax on every MEDAMON transaction; these funds in the treasury could be used for buyback and supply reduction, as well as market making.

Medacoin (MEDA) Tokenomics

The total supply of tokens is 100,000,000,000 (100B). 10 % (10B) of those tokens will be used for research and development (R&D) for the Medabots video game, 10% (10B) for Medacoin and Medabots marketing, and 15% (15B) for staking rewards.

Medacoin Contract: 0x9130990dD16eD8BE8BE63E46CAd305C2C339Dac9

Further details about Medamon and Medacoin can be found  here.

About Medabots

Medabots is a free-to-play and play-to-earn card game that is based on robots and battles. There is a fun mix of battle cards that will allow the player to develop dynamic strategies, making the possibilities limitless. Users will be able to design their own robots with custom data that will assist them maximize their powers, defenses, or other features.

The Medabots game is available for download from the Google Play store and the iOS app store. The Marketplace will be an online platform where players can purchase, mint, and collect Medabots NFTs to use in game.

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