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CyberAction not ringing a bell? That’s alright. This company had a short lifespan. You may also know them as “digibles digital collectibles” too.

Digital trading cards have never been my thing. I like having the physical card in my hand. With that being said, CyberAction was one of the earliest companies to give digital trading cards a try.

CyberAction originally started with entertainment properties such as Marvel, Star Trek, Hercules, and Xena: Warrior Princess, but eventually found their way to Major League Baseball.

The software was sold on CD-ROMs. Simply insert the disc into your computer, install the software, and you were ready to go.

Digital cards came pre-loaded on the disk. The cards could be flipped and interacted with. Videos, stats, bios, and trivia were included. If you had internet access more digital cards could be downloaded from their website.

CyberAction did issue some physical cards, but they were mainly for promotional purposes.

One of those promos came in 2001. CyberAction teamed-up with Skippy peanut butter.

On specially marked jars of Skippy peanut butter you would have found one of four Derek Jeter discs attached to the lid.

Turning the disc over and you’ll find a code which would allow you to obtain a digital card.

CyberAction’s digital cards are long gone, but their physical promos are still floating around.