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The world’s oldest trading card game (TCG), Magic: The Gathering, will be returning to the whimsical realm of Eldrain in the upcoming set, Wilds of Eldraine. As the characters of Eldraine attempt to save their realm from an oppressive curse, a tale of whimsy, beauty, adventure, and wickedness is about to unfold.

As part of the launch celebration, players both new and seasoned are invited to join Open Houses hosted by selected local Wizard Play Network (WPN) Stores in Malaysia from 8 to 10 September.

Plus, to celebrate our journey through the Wilds of Eldraine, Wizards of the Coast APAC has created a mini-game called “The Castle of Ashiok”. The game offers players the challenge to make it out alive from Ashiok’s (one of the set’s main antagonists) castle. Check it out here.

A World Full Of Fantasy

Following the recent Phyrexian Invasion of the multiverse, a fresh plot emerges.

The inhabitants of Eldraine have succumbed to the Wicked Slumber, a curse initially designed to safeguard the plane from intruders, but is now gradually plunging the realm into a state of slumber.

A group of characters from fairy tales must now collaborate to shield the populace of Eldraine from an eternal nightmare. The story is brought to life through enchanting artwork and mechanics inspired by fairy tales, providing players with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchanting realm of Eldraine.

Encounter both new and familiar characters such as Kellan, the Fae-Blooded, Eriette of the Charmed Apple, and the renowned Syr Ginger, all contributing to the telling of this magical saga.

Novel Mechanics

The introduction of the “Roles” mechanic offers players the opportunity to imbue creatures with diverse storytelling personas, such as bestowing the “Monster” archetype to provide +1/+1 and Trample, or assigning the “Sorcerer” role for +1/+1 and the ability to scry during attacks.

Additionally, this set unveils a fresh mechanic named “Bargain”, an alluring concept that enables players to trade specific cards for advantageous outcomes. To assist in crafting the perfect narrative, the beloved “Adventures” mechanic from Throne of Eldraine makes a return, along with “Sagas”, both contributing distinct gameplay pathways and capturing the essence of storytelling.

Special Treatment

Each Wilds of Eldraine booster pack guarantees the inclusion of a minimum of one Enchanting Tales card variant, these being reissued formidable Enchantment cards from Magic’s past.

Furthermore, there are 11 new Borderless Storybook cards, among them the sole planeswalker of Eldraine, Ashiok.

For collectors, there are 20 rare and mythic Enchanting Tales cards that have been artistically reenvisioned in a captivating Anime aesthetic, with an even more exceptional version showcasing an entirely new Confetti Foil Laminate finish.

Commander Decks

Delve into the world of multiplayer Magic: The Gathering through a pair of distinct prebuilt Commander Decks, or embark on your fairy tale journey with Magic’s 2023 Starter Kit, which serves as the initial gateway for those venturing into the realm of Magic: The Gathering!

Engage in your inaugural MTG experience, or invite a companion to partake in your enthusiasm for the game at the Magic Open House event. Taking place at specific WPN stores, newcomers have the chance to explore the game using the new Starter Kit from the set.

All participants will receive an exclusive promo card “Drown in the Loch” and thematic collectible sticker sheets. If players bring a friend along, they can both obtain a second promo card, “Cultivate,” exclusively accessible at the Open House gatherings.

For additional information, players can refer to the WPN Stores.

Exclusive to WPN Premium stores within the SEA region at the Magic Open House, players can enjoy this sticker activity to help Syr Ginger armour up to face her foes within the Wilds of Eldraine.