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The crypto industry is taking off, quite literally. Non-fungible tokens, known as NFTs, continue to capture significant attention. Demonstrating this trend, the Lufthansa Group, the firm behind the global airline, has formally introduced a new loyalty program. This program stands out mainly because it is centered around NFTs.

So, who is eligible for this program? Every airline, including Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, and Swiss International Air Lines, among others, can take part in this program. They are actively involved in the Uptrip loyalty initiative. This means that passengers can gather digital trading cards as they travel with any of these airlines.

Uptrip is part of the Lufthansa Innovation Group and was established on Polygon. The introductory phase of Uptrip involved a launch, during which it was put to the test by more than 20,000 participants. Throughout this period, these users managed to accumulate an aggregate of over 200,000 digital trading cards.

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What’s the use of these cards?

The latest program introduces a unique method of acknowledging engaged travelers. By gifting these passengers with exclusive digital possessions, the project paves the way for supplementary perks and privileges. The collectibles are designed around specific locations, aircraft utilized by the airline’s fleets, and even particular holidays.

After gathering all the necessary cards for specific themed collections, users of Uptrip have the opportunity to access exclusive benefits from Lufthansa. These perks encompass complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi as well as entry to airport lounges. Additionally, redeemable airline miles and other advantages are also part of the program. This wasn’t all. Uptrip further intends to introduce a trading function that enables users to complete their collections by exchanging cards with others.

Will this aid in the growth of Polygon’s NFT space?

The Miles and More loyalty program of Lufthansa Group currently boasts about 36 million members. This brand is one of the recent adopters of Polygon after Starbucks, Nike, and others. Despite this, Ethereum [ETH] and Solana [SOL] were dominating the NFT space. Polygon stands third in terms of NFT sales volume. However, as seen in the chart, the network exhibits the greatest count of buyers. This trend could receive an additional boost due to the recent endeavor by Lufthansa.


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