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Lufthansa, the renowned German airline, is set to introduce a groundbreaking shift in its loyalty program by allowing passengers to accumulate rewards in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and delve into the realm of Web3. Under the newly unveiled loyalty initiative known as ‘Uptrip,’ Lufthansa is granting travelers the opportunity to amass reward points through NFT trading cards. These unique NFT trading cards, which are based on the environmentally friendly Polygon blockchain, will open doors to a wide array of benefits, including access to business lounges, complimentary miles, and coveted frequent traveler statuses.

Revolutionizing Loyalty Programs with NFT Rewards

Uptrip: A Pioneering Loyalty Program

Lufthansa’s innovative Uptrip loyalty program is set to usher in a novel era in the world of airline rewards. By embracing blockchain technology and NFTs, the airline aims to enhance the travel experience for its passengers while aligning with the evolving landscape of digital assets. Travelers eligible for this program will have the opportunity to seamlessly link their digital wallets, enabling them to mint, transfer, and trade these distinctive Uptrip NFT cards.

Diverse Categories of NFT Cards

The Uptrip NFT cards are thoughtfully categorized to cater to a variety of traveler preferences. These categories encompass cities, aircraft, and special experiences. Passengers can select from a vast collection of cards representing cities such as Lisbon, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, and more. Additionally, aviation enthusiasts can explore NFT cards featuring different aircraft models, including Airbus A320, Boeing 747, and Embraer 190. Moreover, the program offers special experiences, allowing travelers to indulge in unique adventures like flying on New Year’s Eve or crossing the North Pole. Since its soft launch, the program has witnessed significant interest, with over 20,000 users registering and the issuance of more than 200,000 trading cards.

Lufthansa Group’s Digital Leap

Lufthansa Group, a prominent player in the European airline industry with a vast membership base of over 38 million in its Miles and More rewards program, is venturing into the Web3 space, potentially introducing millions of individuals to the world of digital assets. This strategic move aligns with the airline’s commitment to innovation and its recognition of the burgeoning interest in blockchain and NFTs.

Web3: A Gateway to New Technology

Kristian Weymar, Director of New Business at Lufthansa Innovation Hub, emphasized the importance of Uptrip in the context of the evolving Web3 landscape. He stated, “Web3 is in an early stage of development. Curiosity is high. But, we also encounter questions and hesitation – which is where Uptrip hits a nerve. We make it possible for people to access this new technology.” The initiative not only offers passengers a unique and innovative loyalty program but also serves as an entry point for individuals eager to explore the potential of Web3.

Accessible on Mobile Devices

To ensure accessibility, the Uptrip app is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, making it convenient for travelers to engage with the NFT-based loyalty program.

While Lufthansa’s foray into NFTs and Web3 is significant, it is not the first instance of a major airline delving into the digital assets sector. Earlier this year, Japan’s Air Nippon Airways (ANA) established its own online marketplace dedicated to the trading, sale, and acquisition of NFTs centered around aviation themes. Likewise, in April of the previous year, Emirates airline from the United Arab Emirates ventured into the metaverse and NFT arena, underscoring the aviation industry’s growing interest in digital assets and blockchain technology.