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Live game streaming and esports platform, Loco has announced the launch of ‘Legends’, the NFT platform for esports.

The platform will allow users to own and trade esports collectible assets, helping them turbocharge their fandom and experience the thrill of stepping into the shoes of esports scouts. ‘Legends’ sets the stage for decentralisation for gaming creators with Loco committing to supporting the game-fi ecosystem in the country.

Loco Legends launches with exclusive partnerships with some of the most popular esports teams in India including 8bit, s0ul, Godlike, Revenant, Blind, and XO among others.

These Indian esports teams are the category dominators in games like BGMI, FreeFire Max, and Valorant, and provide fans with the most credible NFT experience.

Loco has also built a proprietary data system that powers ‘Legends’. This system leverages the data generated by the tournaments empowered by Loco, which is a backer of esports tournaments in the country.

Furthermore, Loco has signed exclusive partnerships with major esports tournament organisers including Villager esports and Upthrust esports to ensure that its data platform also has a great data pipeline.

The first asset on Loco Legends will be NFT esports cards. This offering combines non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and free to play esports fantasy gaming.

Users can purchase NFT trading cards allowing them to buy and sell cards amongst each other and also participate in free-to-play fantasy pools. By collecting, owning, and trading these limited-edition digital collectibles, Loco aims to design a unique fan experience, where users can truly get closer to their heroes, build real world connections, and enhance their watching experience.

The NFTs will be limited in number and unique to each owner, making every owner a true superfan, as per the platform.

Founders Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh, shared, “We are passionate about the potential of web3 to empower creators and create new fan experiences in the gaming community. Gamers are the earliest adopters of new technology and our community has shown a strong acceptance for these initiatives. We are excited about providing users an easy-to-use experience so that they can enjoy the power of web3 without dealing with the complexities that other products are often plagued with. We are also pumped about the partners we are bringing with us and the experiences that these partnerships will help us deliver to users. Our team firmly believes that this is a unique opportunity to unlock a new paradigm in gaming and this product is the first step in our roadmap.”

The platform is currently in beta and will be made public in July 2022.

As a part of this launch, the top 1,000 users that waitlist themselves on the platform will get access to free NFTs worth approximately Rs 500 each. On sharing the Waitlist link with friends and family, and onboarding more users through their referrals, users will have a chance to jump the queue by 100 spots, allowing them to move higher up in the Waitlist and increasing their chances of winning a free NFT.

The platform is now live for audiences to access and interested users can register to be on the waitlist available at


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