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LINE NEXT, a subsidiary of LINE dedicated to developing the NFT ecosystem, has announced the launch of its second game, “SWEET MONSTER GUARDIANS,” in 180 countries around the world. This Web3 game platform, GAME DOSI, integrates NFT technology and offers a puzzle tower defense game set in a fantasy universe.

Players of “SWEET MONSTER GUARDIANS” take on the role of protecting a town from unknown external threats with the help of sweet monsters, who are portrayed as messengers of happiness. The game involves strategically choosing character cards to attack enemies in various game modes. Players can also merge identical cards to enhance their skills and engage in real-time multiplayer battles.

One of the standout features of the game is that it can be played directly on a computer or mobile device without the need for additional applications. This convenience allows players to immerse themselves in the captivating world of “SWEET MONSTER GUARDIANS” seamlessly.

To mark the game’s launch, LINE NEXT has announced exclusive rewards for existing Sweetheart Monster NFT holders. Users who own these NFTs can import them into the game and gain additional in-game energy as a result. Furthermore, starting from October 6, the exclusive NFTs for “SWEET MONSTER GUARDIANS” will be publicly available on the GAME DOSI platform.

In addition to the game launch, LINE NEXT will also be conducting the first game test of its original IP, “Project GD,” until October 19. “Project GD” is an unannounced trading card game where players collect digital cards and engage in one-on-one battles with other players. During the test period, GAME DOSI members who hold NFTs will receive daily free NFTs that can be used as in-game props. Players who provide valuable game improvement suggestions will also be rewarded with NFTs.

The expansion of LINE NEXT’s gaming offerings and the integration of NFT technology demonstrate their commitment to creating innovative and immersive experiences for players worldwide. With the launch of “SWEET MONSTER GUARDIANS” and the upcoming public test of “Project GD,” LINE NEXT is poised to further enhance the NFT ecosystem and redefine the gaming landscape.