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Singapore-based Web3 game developer Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) has announced three joint development projects with Japanese companies.

The first project, in collaboration with TV Tokyo, involves creating NFT-based AI virtual idols known as VTubers. These AI stars will be associated with “Producer NFTs” that holders can use to shape the VTubers’ personalities via a dedicated ChatGPT platform. The VTubers will appear on broadcast television and in the JobTribes P&E game on PlayMining. NFT pre-sales for this project begin soon, with a global launch planned for the summer.

The second project, in partnership with Rita Technology, aims to develop a social impact video game where players remotely control real waste-sorting robots in waste processing facilities. This game aims to change perceptions of waste management jobs and help address labor shortages in the industry. Players will be rewarded with DEAPcoin for participating in the game.

DEA’s third joint development project, with DM2C Studio, involves creating a next-generation NFT trading card game called -KAMIYAGURA-. Players will experience strategic card battles set in a fantasy world inhabited by gods. In-game ranking events will allow players to earn cryptocurrencies, though the specific cryptocurrency is yet to be determined. The game will launch on the Oasys layer 2 blockchain on DM2C Studio’s platform.

DEA is also partnering with other game development companies to release third-party titles on its PlayMining GameFi platform. The platform provides developers access to DEAPcoin token economy, PlayMining NFT marketplaces, and its user base of 2.7 million players. This strategy allows DEA to expand the GameFi industry and monetize new IPs efficiently.

The PlayMining GameFi platform already offers six P&E games and a metaverse project called Kamui Fujiwara Verse. Additionally, a seventh game, SOUL Fusers, is set to launch in the summer, along with four collaborative tie-in projects.

DEA has a pipeline of new P&E games and other GameFi initiatives in active development. The company aims to solve social problems through GameFi and is actively seeking collaboration opportunities to achieve its vision.

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