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It is no longer news that Web3 has the potential to revolutionize the way society works as we know it, be it transactions, money flow, investing, education, et cetera. According to experts, Web3 allows individuals to have access to a more equitable ecosystem that enables them to take control of their lives.

One key aspect of Web3 that’s become very popular is asset tokenization. From art to sports trading cards, it was seen as a game-changer for assets in the digital world. NFTs are also used to bring assets in the physical world onto the blockchain. Tokenization allows for seamless and efficient trading, investment, and management of these assets.

Golteum, a new Web3 platform, is one of the few solutions looking to connect the blockchain with physical assets investments in the real world. Is Golteum Web3’s next big project? Early numbers say yes.


What Is Golteum? An Overview of the Web3 Project

Golteum is a new platform in the Web3 space that allows users to trade crypto and tokenized precious metals like gold and silver. The company’s mission is to drive the widespread adoption of physical precious metals investments on the blockchain by mass-market consumers.

Golteum’s model is pretty straightforward and is the most decentralized the crypto landscape has seen. Golteum has no control over the underlying precious metals assets. However, Golteum manages the minting and burning of NFTs that represent precious metals assets stored in vaults with partner firms. 

The platform uses Chainlink’s Proof-of-Reserve to monitor the precious metals reserve in real-time and uses Chainlink’s oracle protocol to provide pricing data and other useful information that would improve the trading of these precious metals.

Also, these tokenized precious metals are more than just idle assets like in the traditional precious metals market. These tokenized metals can back loans, staking and provide access to liquidity which holders can use to explore other opportunities for profit on crypto assets. With the unique use cases on Golteum, you can expect the presale to see a massive rise in numbers.

Golteum’s Security Is Powered By Fireblocks

With the recent rise in cybercrime targeting crypto platforms, the security of Golteum should be a top priority for any investor. The good news is that Golteum was built with security in mind from day one. This is particularly necessary since it deals with precious metals. 

Golteum has teamed up with Fireblocks, a blockchain security service provider for digital assets. The partnership gives Golteum access to Fireblocks’ battle-tested crypto security platform, which protects digital assets in custody and prevents unauthorized transfer or minting of tokens.

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Fireblocks uses MPC-based wallet technology, which requires multiple signatures to authorize transactions. This prevents internal collusion, and human error, and makes it practically impossible for cyber attacks.  

To maintain the highest security standards, Golteum’s platform and smart contracts have been audited and certified by Certik. Six members of the founding team have already gone through KYC verification by Certik, adding an extra layer of legitimacy to the project.

Between Fireblocks’ technology, strict security protocols, and regular audits, you can feel confident your digital assets and information will be safe using the Golteum platform. The team has made security their top priority to build platform users can trust.

Be Early On GTLM Presale

GLTM is the vital ERC-20 utility token that facilitates all activities in the Golteum ecosystem and can be used to directly purchase precious metals. By holding GLTM tokens, users unlock a world of advantages and privileges on the platform. Some of these include discounts on trading fees, trading rewards, and access to paid tiers that will require a subscription. The paid subscription tiers provide access to more research reports, access to VIP events, larger discounts, and access a dedicated account manager.

GLTM is hugely undervalued at its current offering of $0.012, so take advantage to buy low now for massive profit ahead. There’s also a 15% bonus waiting for you when you claim now.

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