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Cartamundi and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products have unveiled HRO “Selfie Moments” NFT trading cards ahead of this week’s New York Comic-Con (NYCC).

The 19-card set features designs from DC’s “The New 52” series of comic books and artwork from a fun series of different covers, which appear to be taken from a character’s “selfie” POV !

The DC “Selfie Moments” Limited-Edition Hybrid Collection is the second limited-edition hybrid collection of the year for the brand, with its first launch taking place during San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Available at New York Comic-Con

However, what’s unique about this release is that fans who can’t make it to New York for New York Comic Con will actually have a “first look” at picking up some of the packs at before the rest of the packs are released. There will be opportunity. The boxes hit the conference room floor.

These pre-orders begin today at 12:00 pm EDT, and the remaining supply will be available for purchase at NYCC’s Hro booth (#1157) from Thursday, October 12 through Sunday, October 15.

“We are very excited to bring our latest limited-edition hybrid trading card collection to New York Comic Con,” says John Louie, global head of HRO. “DC ‘Selfie Moments’ is our most playful collection yet, giving DC fans something special to smile about!”

Updates: The “Safely Moment” collection has sold out online:

mega card withdrawal

Plus, for some bonus fun, the DC “Selfie Moments” box assortment has been randomized, which opens up an additional adventure for any collectors who have both the Joker and Harley Quinn versions of the box as part of their physical collection. (Especially for those who pre-order online who won’t know what they’re getting until the shipment arrives!).

While most of the DC “Selfie Moments” limited-edition hybrid trading cards will be in Hro’s traditional size (2.4 x 3.5 inches), the company is also excited to announce the return of the Mega Card, which measures approximately 3.46 x 4.96 inches. It also includes an incredible shot of Lex Luthor alongside the Justice League.

Plus, this epic-tier design unlocks a bonus set of digital trading cards on top of the hybrid pack so fans can continue their collecting adventure within the HRO mobile app while discovering bonus crafting opportunities and exclusive rewards .

More information about the collection can be found on the Hro blog:

How to join the Hro community

DC Hybrid Trading Cards by Hro allow fans to collect designs showcasing iconic art from DC’s comic book history, including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many other fan-favorite characters.

Each physical trading card has a QR code on the back that links it to its digital “twin” on the Hro mobile app, which is validated and backed by the security of blockchain technology.

Once the physical and digital twins are connected, the Hro mobile app and web platform provide buyers access to a global marketplace to buy, sell and trade for an entire collection.

This innovative model also hosts a 360° fan engagement platform where users can compete to unlock the chance to uncover rare cards, rise to the top of the community leaderboard and be eligible to receive exclusive rewards.

hro awards

As a part of this DC “Selfie Moments” limited-edition hybrid collection the rewards feature the following original artwork, unique to the Hro community:

closing awards

Anyone able to collect all 19 cards in the set will be eligible to receive a special closing prize card starring the Joker. Mint numbers will be awarded based on whoever completes the set the fastest (ie, the faster one completes, the lower the mint number).

leaderboard rewards

In addition to the full rewards card, Hro will also be awarding a Leaderboard Rewards card to eligible collectors who say “cheese” and secure their spot in the top 150 or 300 for this hybrid drop. For the top 150 fans, Starfire (Koriander of Tamaran) will lead the hero-tier card and, for the top 300 collectors, Booster Gold (Michael Carter) will be the star of the Mythic-tier design.

Rewards are subject to the terms and conditions of the HRO Snapshot Rewards Program.