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Deployed on the Immutable X blockchain and now live through mobile app stores and for PC/Mac, trading card game Cross The Ages has been building momentum during 2023 especially in terms of the downloads it’s now generating on the Apple App Store in territories ranging from France to Australia and Japan.

Which makes it an ideal time to talk to project CEO Sami Chlagou about how the game is differentiating itself from the competition as well as its future plans as it builds out beyond being a single digital game. Can you give us some background about why you wanted to make a trading card game using the blockchain?

Sami Chlagou: I am the CEO and founder of five international game development studios operating since 2015 (France, Japan, Brazil, Hungary and England). My studios have produced more than fifty video games on different platforms such as Nintendo, Sony, Xbox, Steam and Android. Prior to this, I was an accomplished film producer in France. 

As I am very passionate about art and trading cards and have been collecting trading cards for over 27 years, I’ve seen tremendous opportunity in how NFTs and cryptocurrency can influence the gaming industry.  It’s a no-brainer for me to join this space. I have dived into the NFT space and have one of the largest collections on

More specifically, why does Cross The Ages have such a narrative-driven approach? 

Cross The Ages is a free-to-play gaming metaverse set in a dystopian world where fantasy and science fiction meet. It’s based on seven free-to-read novels, which will be authored and published over the coming years and translated into several languages.

The first book of the Cross The Ages series, The Chrome Spell Book, was written by a team of writers, led by accomplished science-fiction novelist, Arnaud Dollen. Acting narrative conductor for the series is well-known French sci-fi and fantasy writer, Alain Damasio, who has sold more than one million copies of his book, Les Furtifs. 

Additional talent includes Norbert Merjagnan, winner of the Nouveau Grand Prix de la Science-Fiction Française for his book Les Tours de Samarante, and Pablo Servigne who has co-authored eight best-selling books. 

Cross The Ages employs more than 80 artists internationally to design the captivating visuals of the game. These artists are renowned for their work for iconic franchises, including Joshua Cairos, who worked on Game of Thrones and Star Wars, Josu Salano who worked on The Lord of the Rings, Andreas Rochas who worked on Harry Potter, and Sandra Duchiewitcz of Marvel Entertainment.

How do you think Cross The Ages stands out from the many other web3 TCGs?

First and foremost, CTA leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide players with true ownership of their in-game assets. By utilizing NFTs, we ensure that players have full control over their cards, enabling them to trade, sell, or even use them across multiple games and platforms. This level of ownership and interoperability is a game-changer, fostering a vibrant and dynamic player-driven economy.

Secondly, we have focused on creating a rich and immersive gameplay experience. Our team of passionate designers and developers have crafted a compelling narrative that unfolds through captivating card battles and strategic decision-making. We have also introduced innovative mechanics and features that keep players engaged and excited, constantly challenging their skills and rewarding their progress.

Furthermore, CTA is designed with a strong emphasis on community and social interaction. We believe that TCGs thrive when players can connect, compete, and collaborate with each other. 

In addition to engaging in epic duels, our game provides a variety of social features, including tournaments, leaderboards, and guilds, fostering a sense of camaraderie among players and enabling them to form lasting connections.

What do you mean when you describe Cross The Ages as a “free-to-play-and-earn” game?

The “free-to-play-and-earn” model embraced by CTA represents an evolution of traditional free-to-play games. It offers players the opportunity to not only enjoy the game for free but also earn valuable in-game assets or rewards through their skill, time, and dedication. 

This model aligns with the principles of the web3 ecosystem, where players are empowered to have true ownership over their virtual assets and participate actively in the game economy.

One of the key advantages of play-to-earn games is their ability to create more inclusive and accessible gaming experiences. By providing avenues for players to earn rewards through gameplay, regardless of their financial background or resources, play-to-earn games can empower individuals and enable them to participate in the growing digital economy.

What should we expect from Cross The Ages in terms of upcoming features?

Players can expect an exciting roadmap of updates, features, and expansions including

  • New Card Sets: We will introduce new card sets, each with its own unique themes, abilities, and strategies. This will provide players with fresh options for deck building and new challenges to overcome.
  • Events and Tournaments: We will organize regular events and tournaments within the game, offering players the opportunity to compete against others, win exclusive rewards, and showcase their skills on a larger stage.

Finally, can you tell us anything about future games in the universe?

Our plans include the development of multiple games, apart from the trading card game. It would be similar to metaverse. However, we have chosen not to label our virtual universe as a metaverse. Instead, we have given it a unique name, “The Reverse”. 

The concept behind The Reverse is to provide players with the ability to generate value within the game and then physically transfer it to the real world. While I am unable to disclose further information at this time, I can confirm that the project is scheduled for release in early 2024.

Cross The Ages is now available as a PC download and through Apple App Store and Google Play Stores. Find out more via the website.

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