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Jennifer Duong, aka Jenndefer, has far fewer Twitter (aka X) followers than some of her Fantasy Top “hero” compatriots. But the influencer-driven crypto game has quickly turned her into one of Crypto Twitter’s main characters, as has her other content around Blast.

Jenndefer quickly carved a niche for herself when she dove headfirst into Blast, the Ethereum layer-2 network known for its lucrative incentives ahead of an upcoming airdrop in late June.

However, it was in Fantasy Top—a blockchain-based strategy game that blends elements of trading cards, RPGs, and digital collectibles—where Jenndefer truly gained prominence, becoming one of the first in-game cards. In Fantasy Top, players build teams of NFT-based heroes to compete in tournaments, earn rewards, and climb the leaderboards.

Jenndefer’s meticulous approach and work ethic garnered her recognition as a prominent “hero” in the game, despite having far fewer followers than many of the other influencers and content creators picked to star in the game. Now, with Fantasy Top’s Main Tournament 2 underway, all eyes are on the selected “heroes” of the game to deliver for players.

Many are already betting on her to win, with one of her cards selling for 13.37 ETH ($40,000) earlier this week. Her prominence in the game, paired with her video content around both Fantasy Top and the burgeoning Blast ecosystem, has quickly given her a much larger platform than even just weeks ago.

“Fantasy Top is insane,” Jenndefer said in an interview with Decrypt. “You collect influencers in the form of NFT trading cards, just like a fantasy league, you make your team and speculate on their performance on X, and enter them into tournaments.”

She adds that the huge incentives on Blast are what draws users, giving rewards for things that people are already doing—like interacting and creating on social media. Jenndefer began her Blast journey before Pacmoon came around, but says the meme coin grabbed her attention thanks to its uniquely decentralized approach to getting Crypto Twitter users to spread the word.

Pacmoon has built a model to reward creators while creating a flywheel virality effect on the timeline. Basically, instead of the typical social farming—“tag us, like this, repost this”—marketing tactic that many other projects use, Pacmoon flipped the script, figuring out how to mobilize a community of creators to make their own content.

The model is simple: Users can be rewarded for making quality content that is about or incorporates Pacmoon in a meaningful way. If the main Pacmoon Twitter account likes the post, then it becomes eligible to earn points. Those points are then converted to Pacmoon tokens.

“Since Pacmoon was so new and Blast was so new, I very much viewed it as a leveraged bet on culture and Blast,” Jenn Defer said. “Memes and NFTs are just leveraged bets on the ecosystem.”

Swift influence

Jenndefer’s strategy extends beyond Fantasy Top gameplay. She has cultivated shares and engagement by creating in-depth videos on the crypto space. Her transparency about her wins and losses makes her content relatable, while her willingness to help new players navigate the complexities of crypto has earned her respect.

She shared that climbed onto the Pacmoon leaderboards by grouping Pacmoon into culture on her video updates while tagging the account.

”This was when my Blast content was really first starting to take off,” she told Decrypt. “Then of course, there’s just some other more organic tweets that come with being active and engaged with the community. It’s insane how engaged the community is—the vibes are truly immaculate.”

After placing 7th in the first main Fantasy Top tournament, Jenndefer said she was locked in for the next one that’s currently underway. She credits Taylor Swift as her personal hero and inspiration, often referencing her music in her posts. She relates to Swift’s ability to rise from difficulties, tendency to be underestimated, and ability to capture attention in a relevant way.

“Swift is the queen of hype, connection, and authenticity, she said. “How could you not aspire to be like that?”

When asked about her goals beyond Fantasy Top and how this journey has changed her life, she said it’s been a blessing—even if the added attention has come with some frustrations in the form of botted engagement. But she’s working to take advantage of the increased spotlight that’s now shining on her.

“My long-term goal is to keep figuring out how to bridge education-focused content with storytelling— short-form and long-form doc style,” said Jenndefer.

“I want to tell the user stories and builder stories,” she added, “and do it in a way where you don’t have to be an active participant in the space to follow along and to learn.”

Edited by Andrew Hayward

Editor’s note: This story was updated after publication to clarify her entrance into the Blast ecosystem.

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