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Sharad Devarajan, founder of Graphic India, an Indian character entertainment company focused on creating superheroes, has partnered with Hollywood actress, producer, and Web3 innovator Mila Kunis to launch a new multi-platform entertainment company, Armored Kingdom Media.

The new company will make a global universe of entertainment that includes a Web3 trading card game, digital comics, animated movies, and movies.

“We are creating an accessible media franchise encompassing comics, gaming, and animation that can nimbly pivot based on consumer demand,” Kunis told ET. “The comic, animation lore, and game are designed to be engaging for people of all ages.” We are able to take the best of web2 stability with the leverage of digital ownership in ways that can vastly improve the gaming experience.”

This will be the first comic and game championed by Kunis, who herself is an avid trading card collector and a multiplayer online game player. She has previously launched a few projects in the Web3 animation space.

Meanwhile, Graphic India will develop and produce the visual universe of Armored Kingdom across the various media platforms. The company will also help bring the property to the rising Asian and Indian web3 gaming communities.

Graphic India has previously launched some of the biggest NFT drops based on Indian-themed content, leading the regional Web3 character entertainment and metaverse movement.

“Armored Kingdom has all the elements of a great fantasy meets sci-fi story that will take a global audience into a place of wonder,” said Devarajan, while adding that the mission of the new company is to create a “ground-breaking” new Web3 storytelling experience that brings in fans all around the world to help in the creation of a new universe of stories, heroes, and legends that live across various media experiences.

“When we look at the future of entertainment, we will have to experiment and innovate to create deeper relationships between audiences and fans, and our goal is that Armored Kingdom will lead some of these new paradigms,” he told ET. “Mila Kunis has been an early pioneer and leader in this space, and it’s an incredible honour to collaborate with her.”

The company will also have Lindsey McInerney and Lisa Sterbakov as co-founders.

The Armored Kingdom will be built on NEAR, a carbon-neutral, community-driven Swiss blockchain. The universe will be developed by creator Hugh Sterbakov, while writer and game designer Brian Turner will oversee the creation of an immersive universe, reinventing the relationship between fans and fantasy.

Initially, a five-issue series of both digital and physical comics will be launched, followed by a digital card game later this year.

When asked about investments, Kunis replied that the company is “nicely funded” for the moment, enjoying being non-diluted, but may be looking to raise funds in the near future.

The Armored Kingdom follows several tribes of warring dynasties as they battle for power with the aid of Armorite, powerful weapons crafted by a long-lost advanced civilization. With each new artefact unearthed, the balance of power shifts—but even as the war rages, a greater threat lurks in the shadows.

“The mythology of the Armored Kingdom chronicled in the digital comics will be further explored in the trading card game, which will be phase two for the franchise,” said McInerney. “Carefully marrying the narrative and gameplay, and using both to further explore the world, will keep the storyline evergreen and ever-developing—and above all else, fun.”

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