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Another day, another buzzy rumor going viral on Crypto Twitter.

Rumors that the highly anticipated (and massively leaked) game Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a blockchain game or include some kind of cryptocurrency that can be redeemed in real life have resurfaced again this week—after initially spawning in 2021 and then swirling again last year.

However, the claims are currently unsubstantiated. A Forbes India article cited a crypto Twitter account as its source for the rumors, and neither Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games nor parent company Take-Two Interactive have confirmed or denied the rumors thus far. 

Video game publication Game Rant speculated that GTA 6 (or whatever it may officially be called) will not introduce a real cryptocurrency but instead might simply make cryptocurrency and the metaverse the “butt of many jokes.”

Other articles around the internet have cited a recent viral tweet from a gaming content creator as their source for the information, but this tweet does not contain evidence validating the rumors and is merely speculation.

Twitter users added a “Community Note” to the tweet that clarifies that neither Rockstar Games nor anyone involved with GTA 6 have said anything to confirm the rumors.

And while Take-Two has made crypto moves, including having its Zynga studio working on Web3 games, Rockstar issued a ban last November for NFTs and cryptocurrency on fan-operated Grand Theft Auto V servers.

While crypto fans may be hungry for a real GTA cryptocurrency—and Web3 haters are hungry for crypto jabs—right now, there’s little to no evidence whatsoever supporting any of these claims.

Decrypt has reached out to Take-Two and Rockstar Games for comment, but did not immediately hear back.

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