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Gods Unchained Price Prediction 2022

GODS token is attempting to break out and close a weekly candle back above $1 to reclaim that previous support level from earlier in 2022.

The GODS price now is approximately $1 with an intraday range of $0.70 – $1.40 and a current weekly high of $1.50. The weekly candle will close in around twelve hours.

Today’s 30% pump alongside Bitcoin also moving back to $30,000 should result in GODS token closing this week with a strong bullish green candle, engulfing the past few weeks of bearish price action.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

What is Gods Unchained (GODS)

Fans of NFT trading card games will be familiar with Gods Unchained – a digital trading card game developed by Magic the Gathering’s former game director.

It uses the ERC-20 token GODS as its native currency, which can be used to create NFTs and make in-game purchases – and GODS coins also have value of their own, recently listed to buy and trade on Bitstamp exchange in April 2022.

Gods Unchained Price Prediction

GODS coin has already retraced around 97.5% in total from the December 2021 GODS all time of $8.9, to its 2022 low of $0.22. A large part of that correction was a result of BTC and ETH entering a bear market since the $69,000 and the $4,800 levels.

Gods Unchained

Bullish Case for GODS

Play to earn cryptos have shown they can decouple from Bitcoin and go on explosive bull runs when they’re trending and popular with players – as Axie Infinity (AXS) showed with a 1660x bull run in 2021.

Last month P2E and NFT related coins like APE and GMT outperformed the rest of the crypto market before finally correcting – mainly due to panic selling over the Terra (LUNA) crash and Tether FUD.

This week crypto games platform Lucky Block (LBLOCK) was one of the biggest gainers and put in a 90% intraday price move.

Is GODS token next? Will Gods Unchained go up in 2022? Even if further downside is to come, in the short term it could at least see some mean reversion to retest the $2 area – which would be double its current price point. The GODs price today is above the diagonal trendline on the weekly price chart.

The GODS market cap today is only $22 million – back at a low valuation, ranked #604 on Coinmarketcap. Low cap cryptos can pump easier than mid caps.

Fundamental Analysis

Technical analysis aside, GODS is pumping ever since their announcement to add royalty fees for Gods Unchained NFTs listed on OpenSea and other secondary NFT marketplaces.

That rewards creators, and the developers also announced the GODS staking pool will receive part of the royalties. That adds an incentive to buy and stake GODS, and is a way to make the GODS ecosystem more sustainable.

The Gods Unchained game is partnered with Coinbase, Galaxy Digital, Nirvana Capital and other investment funds, so it likely isn’t going away anytime soon. The website states its community of players numbers over 307 million.

Gods Unchained is an interesting crypto gaming and NFT project, you can read about the tokenomics of $GODS on and how it works with the Layer-2 Immutable X blockchain.

Bearish Case for GODS

Only 5% of the GODS circulating supply is unlocked. Today 23.6 million GODS tokens are in circulation out of a total supply of 500 million GODS.

The Gods Unchained price has been in a clear bear cycle for almost six months, traders might want to ‘wait for confirmation’ which here would be several weekly candle closes above the $1 support level, which would also mean a green monthly candle close for May 2022. Then continuation to the upside would be more likely over the rest of the year.

The GODS pump this week could be a short squeeze and end up as a bearish retest of the $1 level, if previous support is flipped into new resistance. It also already pumped in 2021.

Where to Buy GODS Now

Gods Unchained token is listed at several crypto exchanges:

Gods Unchained is not on Binance yet which some would argue is a reason to buy GODS – in anticipation of a Binance listing pump. It’s also not yet on eToro.

GODS pumped to its current ATH in December 2021 when it was listed on Coinbase.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.