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According to executive producer, Daniel Paez, Gods Unchained is launching on the Epic Store to significantly expand its gaming audience.

The Gods Unchained Web3 digital trading card game from Immutable Games is now available to a wider range of potential players as it launches on the Epic Games Store.

Initially released in June 2019, Gods Unchained is a collectible card game where players build card decks and battle other players with their cards. Each card is an NFT tradable on the game’s marketplace on Immutable X, an Ethereum Layer-2 network. Launching on the Epic Games Store opens Gods Unchained to 230 million users on the game store, with 34.3 million Daily Active Users as of 2022.

Gods Unchained on the Epic Games Store

According to a news release, launching on the Epic Store aims to put Gods Unchained at par with other digital Trading Card Games (TCG), including Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, and Magic: The Gathering. Speaking on the launch, Gods Unchained Executive Producer Daniel Paez said:

“It is hard to overestimate the significance of Gods Unchained’s launch on Epic Games Store, one of the largest PC gaming platforms in the world. We are extremely excited to present our game to a completely new and truly massive audience of traditional PC gamers and TCG enthusiasts.”

Speaking to Decrypt’s GG gaming hub, Paez said players are more comfortable with “consolidated platforms” for various reasons. He believes these platforms ensure the games have a set minimum quality and eliminate risks like malware.

The news release also promises to make several improvements to the game, including streamlining the user experience. In addition, Gods Unchained will introduce the “Sealed” game mode. The anticipated mode will allow players to participate in a gauntlet run until they lose three times, or win seven times, whichever happens first. Players will enjoy the gauntlet mode without the usual deckbuilding restrictions.

Upon official introduction, Gods Unchained will be the first web3 TCG game to feature the Sealed mode, usually seen in mainstream trading card games. The game also promises new modes, including Chaos Constructed, a mode that allows players to use cards in the chosen God’s domain.

2023 Roadmap

Gods Unchained shared a 2023 Roadmap in May. In addition to new game modes and a mobile launch, Gods Unchained announced a content creator program. Paez noted in the roadmap that the team intends to support and empower content creators by allowing creative control. The roadmap notes that creators will enjoy rewards, exclusive opportunities, collaborations, and recognition for their work.

In addition to introducing Gods Unchained on the Epic Games Store, Paez confirmed that the game would be available on iOS and Android this year. Already, an Android testing period conducted by partner studio iLogos, which took 60,000 game sessions, ended with positive results.

Furthermore, the roadmap announced a new pack opening experience. Paez says the team is working on redesigning the experience “with an element of anticipation” so that every pack opening is memorable.

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