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Developed and published by Immutable Games, this move marks a significant milestone for Gods Unchained. The game aims to become a leading player in the digital Trading Card Games (TCG) landscape.

With its availability on the Epic Games Store, Gods Unchained is available to over 230 million PC users worldwide. Executive Producer of Gods Unchained, Daniel Paez, expresses excitement about the launch on Epic Games Store, emphasizing the opportunity to introduce their game to a new and expansive community.

The announcement comes after Gods Unchained teased its updated roadmap for 2023, featuring a range of exciting features and enhancements. The development team plans to conduct a soft launch for Android and iOS mobile devices later this year, following an intensive pre-alpha phase that involved more than 60,000 gameplay and design sessions for Android users.

One of the standout additions to Gods Unchained is the introduction of the highly anticipated “Sealed” game mode, making it the first Web3 TCG to feature this mode. Sealed Mode involves a buy-in queue, where players construct decks from a pool of 60 randomly selected cards and three Gods. Participants will engage in a gauntlet run, striving to achieve either seven wins or three losses to earn rewards. Notably, the mode removes typical deckbuilding restrictions, enabling players to utilize multiple copies of legendary and cross-domain cards from the available pool.

The developers are also working on additional game modes. Gods Unchained also launched a content creator program. This initiative enables players to create and share videos showcasing their favorite gaming moments, earning token rewards in return. The developers aim to establish proactive communication channels with the community, including regular developer diaries, quarterly roadmap updates, and weekly Discord chats led by Executive Producer Daniel Paez and other team members.

As Gods Unchained enters this new phase, it seeks to expand its appeal beyond the Web3-native audience and establish itself as a significant mainstream TCG. With true ownership of in-game items through blockchain technology, the game offers a unique experience for blockchain enthusiasts and dedicated TCG/Strategy gamers.