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It is hard to imagine a world where people cannot connect with others across the globe in an instant. Modern modes of communication and connection through social media and other apps have significantly changed the ways in which we approach others and how we run our lives. Specifically, the general public now has more access to the lives of celebrities compared to the past. With social media, people follow celebrities and observe their interests and daily lives, depending on how much the celebrity shares on these media platforms of course. In turn, this digital age has taken fan culture to new heights, in which people can create communities around fandoms and be a more engaging audience to celebrities in general. 

While the ways in which people celebrate others, different hobbies, or even sports have changed over the past two decades, some traditions remain just as prevalent today. For instance, the world of collectibles and trading cards has changed, but endured in value and attraction. In fact, the Global Sports Trading Card Market is expected to rise between 2022 and 2028. Despite being the most visible aspect of collectibles, sports just scratch the surface, as there are thriving card markets catering to other interests. 

Similar to other markets, these traditions encounter and must adapt to technological advancements, some of which may level up their significance and application. One company that is using technology to pioneer a new era for collectibles is Gildable. Gildable is a digital collectible platform that utilizes the Polygon blockchain to enable a carbon-neutral solution for those interested in participating in Web3. Gildable is innovative not only because of its sustainability but also for the ease in which it helps celebrities and influencers capitalize on their most popular social media content. Powered by the blockchain, creators and collectors of Gildable assets can earn royalties on their Gildable cards in secondary sales.

More than just a digital trading card, the Gildable ‘cards’ allow followers to collect rare and appreciating digital assets connected to their favorite celebrities and unlock new content, experiences, and more. With Gildable, Creators are easily able to add value to their already popular social media posts in a way that excites their followers and drives revenue.  The cards can serve different purposes such as digital merch, autographs, social experiences, community access, and other exclusive perks. There is also variety in which they are presented, coming in common cards (white), rare cards (white marble), common blackout cards (black), rare blackout cards (black marble), and legendary cards (opal). 

In addition to helping socially relevant individuals seamlessly make use of other blockchain-based assets like customizable perks and branded utilities, Gildable is democratizing access to Web3 as users can make transactions and cash out with standard debit or credit cards – without any cryptocurrency wallet. The Gildable team wants users to directly purchase and receive payouts through their bank accounts or via debit or credit cards because they know that the industry may be a bit daunting to the uninitiated. Making use of the carbon-neutral Polygon blockchain, the Gildable team also prides itself on its eco-friendly and sustainable approach to the blockchain. These factors are meant to dimmish any user concerns and complexities that may come with Web 3.0, making it an easy and valuable experience. 

Thus far, Gildable has already gathered great attention for both philanthropic reasons and natural celebrity engagement. For instance, their partnership with American Red Cross made way for card packs involving Robin Thicke, Jane Seymour, Chris Maloney, and others. Other celebrity involvements include Jeremy Sumpter, Jimmy Sotos, and the Bachelor’s ‘Pilot Pete.’ Excited to continue revolutionizing the collectible digital market, Gildable is ready to expand its audience and reach.