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One of the more vague Tales you’ll encounter during your time on Iki Island is A Helping Hand. This Tale has you assisting a peasant who’s trying to build a new house after the Mongols burned down his home. Unlike other Tales in the game, A Helping Hand isn’t marked on the map, so it’s a bit tricky to find, and you might not even know it exists. And even when you trigger it, you may not know where to find the peasant next to continue the quest. To help you complete the Tale, we’ve compiled a guide detailing all the steps. It’s worth noting that if the peasant doesn’t appear in the locations we describe after starting the quest, then try checking back at those spots later.

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Where To Find The Peasant


The peasant can be found north of Tatsu’s Ladder on the northeastern side of Iki Island. He’s just up a path near a campfire and a tree stump; you’ll see smoke from a distance marking his location. Talk to him, and he’ll ask if you have three pieces of wood to spare. If you have the resources on hand, then hand them over, but if you need to find some more, you can always bid him farewell for now and return once you’ve got the goods. Regardless, the peasant will be grateful for your contribution.

The Peasant’s Second Request


Southeast of Zasho River

Next, the peasant can be found in either of two locations: in a field of pampas grass slightly southeast of Zasho River or atop a hill north of Kidafure Battleground. Like before, you’ll be able to pinpoint his location from the smoke of his campfire. This time he needs six predator hides to help insulate his house’s roof. Hand them over, and he’ll be overwhelmed by your continued kindness.


North of Kidafure Battleground

The Peasant’s Final Request


Finally, the peasant will be digging for precious metals on the beach west of Yahata Lighthouse. When you speak to him, you’ll discover that he needs metal to finish building his home. Donate ten pieces of iron to him, and your generosity will greatly humble him. He will then ask you to visit his build sight, located in a grassy clearing west of Fort Sakai.

Completing The House (And The Tale)

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Follow the peasant’s directions to his build sight. For more clarity, you can find it south of Sly Hunter’s Forest. When you arrive, you’ll see that the house is finished. Talk to the peasant to complete the quest. Your reward is a minor Legend increase and the Charm of Iron Grip–a handy range charm that makes your bow aim never shake or force a shot no matter how long your hold it.

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