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This post was originally published on this site, a Web3 platform, has partnered with Oasys, a Japanese gaming blockchain, to introduce Oasys Navi, a novel entry point into the Web3 gaming realm. The partnership is expected to result in the launch of a range of high-end games, initiatives, and events on the platform through collaboration. GameFi developed Oasys Navi, which operates on the Oasys blockchain. Its purpose is to enhance project reliability and user experience.

Enhancing the linkage between the two ecosystems would facilitate GameFi in supporting Oasys Navi games to carry out IDO and INO campaigns, while also introducing Oasys games to its current user base. Oasys boasts a diverse range of games in its portfolio, including the Trading Card Game Crypto Spells, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game My Crypto Heroes, the Trading Card Game NFT Wars, and the Player versus Player Role-Playing Game 9Lives Arena.

We are delighted to announce that the integration of Oasys into the ecosystem of has been successfully completed. Yas, the Chief of Ecosystem Alliance at Oasys, expressed eagerness to partner with their team, enhance their foothold in the Web3 gaming industry, and establish an engaging atmosphere for the gaming community. The roadmap will be executed in three distinct phases. The first phase will encompass the launch of IDOs, beta release, and the ongoing development of a new game interface.

The second phase of the project encompasses the introduction of INOs, an NFT Marketplace, and the deployment of the mainnet. The third phase will comprise tournaments and supplementary functionalities. Encountering Oasys is comparable to hitting the jackpot, as the team is diligent and the product is exceptional. Tee, the Manager of Business Development at, expressed his belief that Oasys Navi has the potential to introduce novel values in the realm of blockchain-based gaming.