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Singapore-based blockchain gaming and multimedia digital entertainment platform, Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) Pte Ltd, has unveiled the addition of a new member to its leadership team. As the platform continues to expand its presence worldwide, DEA has named Tatsuya Kohrogi its new Vice President and Head of Global Operations.

Kohrogi, who is highly skilled in business development, sales management, digital marketing, investment strategy, and other leadership roles, brings nearly a decade of experience to the organization. Before joining DEA, Kohrogi worked with influential brands like Meta (formerly Facebook) and SoftBank.

As the Partner Manager at Meta, Kohrogi was responsible for building and nurturing long-term relationships with leading advertising agencies in Japan. During his stint with Meta, Kohrogi successfully grew his key partners’ businesses by 200% within two years. He also played a critical role in scaling partner revenue, helping the unit reach nine-figure USD revenues annually. Prior to joining Meta, Kohrogi worked with SoftBank for seven years. During that time, he held multiple roles and responsibilities, including but not limited to co-founding an internal venture.

In addition to the above, Kohrogi received direct training from Masayoshi Son, the CEO of SoftBank Group, through SoftBank Academia. During this period, he pursued leadership, management, and relationship-building skills while working on projects directly related to the CEO role as part of Son’s successor training program.

Kohrogi’s addition to the DEA team will complement the platform’s ongoing expansion into newer markets as it continues to add more features to its diverse GameFi ecosystem. On having Kohrogi by their side, DEA CEO Naohito Yoshida notes, “Tatsuya is a dynamic leader and is highly experienced in building partner relations, creating and implementing leading initiatives and strategies. As we begin to expand our business across Asia, Europe, and North America, we are confident each region will grow under Tatsuya’s leadership.”

Likewise, Kohrogi has expressed his excitement surrounding this new challenge. He adds, “DEA aims to become the world’s no.1 web3 entertainment company that also simultaneously tackles social and economic problems. The PlayMining platform allows users to mine crypto while they play games. Gaming and entertainment are becoming a sustainable livelihood option for people around the world. And I am incredibly excited to take on this role and help further scale the creators economy and web3 entertainment globally.”

Launched in 2018, DEA has impacted the lives of millions of users worldwide, more so across countries in the Asia-Pacific region like the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan. Between April 2020 and December 2021, DEA’s PlayMining Games platform has distributed upwards of 1 billion Japanese Yen among its community members. 

JobsTribes, the trading card battle game on PlayMining Games, has distributed over $6 million in royalties to date to creators of 100 original NFT artworks. On top of this, DEA also has its NFT marketplace called PlayMining NFT, where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs. The platform also includes DeFi primitives, most of which are currently under development, through PlayMining Vault. As of now, users can stake their $DEP tokens to earn additional incentives and NFTs.

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