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In a cutting-edge move, gaming titan Zynga — the masterminds behind Farmville and Words with Friends — launched 9,999 freebie Oras NFTs for its first-ever Web3 gaming venture, Sugartown, on September 13.

Following a rapid sell-out, the Zynga Oras NFTs, playable in the Sugartown ecosystem, were quickly found skyrocketing in price on OpenSea. Within just 24 hours after launching, the digital assets soon became the secondary marketplace’s top trending collection, possessing a floor price of $307.66 (0.19 ETH) and a mighty trading turnover of more than $1 million (675 ETH)! 

Zynga’s Inclusive NFT Gaming Approach 

In Sugartown, players can use their ERC-721 Ora token to gain access to the game. When staking Oras, they can obtain ‘Energy’ needed to partake in the adventure and earn $SUGAR, the game’s native currency, to unlock rewards.

For the grand launch of its first chapter, Sugartown distributed 6,000 Oras to community members, alongside an extra 3,999 Oras preserved in the Rewards Reserve. Ensuring an even playing field and preventing gas wars, the NFTs were not allocated in bulk — to Twitter and Discord members, collaborative Sugartown winners, and on a first-come-first-serve basis via a “non-guaranteed mint”. 

Sugartown offered numerous ways for gamers to win an Oras NFT. One of the main initiatives included active community participation. However, the 3,999 Oras stored in the Rewards Reserve were also designed to attract and incentivize new players typically engaged in Web2 mobile games. 

Following the rapid sell-out of its Phase 1 mint, the Phase 2 mint quickly followed just four hours later, leading all 9,999 assets to be snapped up within just one day of launching by individuals who verified their allowlist spot. Hence, Oras’ price is surging on OpenSea. 

The game-based Oras collectibles inject awakened zeal into the gaming realm, bringing NFT enthusiasts back to the good old days!

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