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The launch of MTG Arena in 2018 changed the digital trading card game landscape, and throughout the month of September, Wizards of the Coast is celebrating its birthday with Magic: The Gathering rewards and more.

The official release date of MTG Arena was Sept. 27, 2018. Five years later the digital TCG is still running strong, showcasing five formats players can compete in while also having a path towards the highest levels of organized play.WotC will celebrate the five-year anniversary of MTG Arena throughout the month of Sept. Celebrations include free rewards, according to WotC, toward the end of the month, along with a look at the future of the digital platform through MTGWeekly. 

No rewards were released by WotC at the time of writing. Players will begin to see rewards in their MTG Arena mailbox starting on Sept. 19 around 12pm CT. Deals will also take place through the shop, although details haven’t been announced at the time of writing either. Rewards players can expect from the free goodies include possible individual card rewards, gold, and card styles. Also on the same day is a Discord chat players can get involved with that starts at 12pm CT. 

The future state of MTG Arena will be discussed on Sept. 12 through MTGWeekly on Twitch, featuring  Chris Kirtz and Ian Adams. Hot topics players are likely to bring up include new updates to the Explorer format with more Pioneer cards, monetization systems within MTG Arena, and the future of Alchemy. 

Players can also earn up to 4,000 XP rewards by participating a WPN local game store events. Additionally, taking place from Sept. 16 to 17 is the MTG Arena Open, featuring Limited format gameplay in both Draft and Sealed. Those who finish day two with seven wins qualify for the October organized play Qualifier Weekend tournament. 

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