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Fans in the United States and Europe will be able to buy 3D NFTs of their favorite celebrities and influencers by paying in fiat. Other regions will be able to do it using stablecoins. 

Two former OnlyFans executives are stepping into the world of NFTs with the announcement of a card trading platform called Zoop set to launch this summer. The Polygon-based platform will enable fans to buy, sell and trade 3D NFT playing cards featuring their favorite celebs and influencers.

Taking advantage of the rise of the internet content creator and influencer to celebrity status, the startup seeks to create a “closer connection between fan and influencer.” While it is still uncertain if the celebrities will have any direct involvement, we know that the trading card NFTs will grant holders exclusive access to airdrops and online communities. They will also be able to compete in competitions, gain points and unlock special rewards. Some real-world perks might include concert tickets and limited-edition items from brands.

Zoop – Family-Friendly Influencer/Fan Connections via Card Trading

The company’s Co-CEOs are OnlyFans Founder Tim Stokley and former exec JR Phillips who is expected to join this summer. In an interview with The Block, Phillips revealed that the decision to build the platform on the blockchain was to ensure that transactions would be “completely open and visible”. According to the startup, the Polygon network was chosen over other blockchain networks for its low gas fees and sustainability.

Phillips, a key player in the growth of OnlyFans, revealed that Zoop would be a “family-friendly platform” with a different business model. A list of celebrities to be featured on the platform will be announced in June. Initial NFT drops will feature 500 cards for each influencer or celebrity. The cards will be sold via Dutch auction. Following this, future drops will be based on demand. The platform is currently offering exclusive pre-launch “priority passes” for early adopters. The platform is also planning to launch a token, according to Phillips.

Fans in the United States and Europe will be able to buy 3D NFTs of their favorite celebrities and influencers in fiat. Other regions will be able to do so using stablecoins.

Increasing Use of NFTs as Trading Cards

Zoop will not be the first such application of NFTs. The fantasy trading card game God’s Unchained, launched in March 2021, currently has a trading volume of $54.6 million and a tournament prize pool of about $570, 000. Another example is the fantasy football game Sorare which has a market capitalization of $62.8 million. Others include Splinterlands, Doctor Who – Worlds Apart, Spells of Genesis, Ether Legends, Skyweaver, Dark Country,  Parallel and Metropolis Origins.

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