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Melania Trump, the former first lady of the United States, has launched a new NFT collection to celebrate the country’s Independence Day, inspired by the nation’s iconic landmarks. 

The collection, called “The 1776 Collection,” consists of a six-piece range of NFTs consisting of images sourced from across the United States of America. 

Trump Family NFTs Make A Comeback 

The Trump family is back in the NFT space with the launch of Melania Trump’s new NFT collection inspired by the upcoming Independence Day holiday. The launch of the new collection comes only a couple of months after former president Donald Trump released the second set of his NFT trading cards. The new set of collectibles launched by the former first lady is part of “The 1776 Collection.”

The NFTs are based on the Solana blockchain and feature several iconic images, including prominent landmarks such as Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty, affixed to animated placards. Each NFT is priced at $50, with the collection comprising seven different designs, making up a total of 3500 NFTs. The NFTs can be purchased through a website called USA Collectibles, with Melania Trump retweeting the company’s original tweet about the NFT collection going on sale. The USA Collectibles website also offers POTUS TRUMP NFTs, which feature photos of former President Trump and the former first lady. Melania Trump stated, 

“The 1776 Collection of artwork draws inspiration from several iconic landmarks of our nation, which I had the privilege of visiting during the time I served as first lady. Each piece provides a view into our nation’s history, culture, and patriotism. I am proud to celebrate our great nation and remain inspired by the words contained within the Declaration of Independence.”

The collection went live on the 29th of July. 

Portion Of Proceeds To Benefit Foster Kids 

According to reports, a portion of all proceeds from the collection will go towards Fostering The Future, an initiative by BeBest. The initiative helps children in the foster care community secure educational opportunities and scholarships. Primarily, the Fostering the Future initiative aims to grant computer science scholarships to children coming out of the foster care system, helping them achieve the academic foundation needed to secure technology-based jobs. The former first lady also added that her commitment towards the foster community has grown stronger since leaving Washington DC. 

Melania Trump also added that she supports former President Trump’s reelection campaign and looks forward to working with him once again and restoring hope for the future and leading America. She stated that if she could serve as the first lady again, she would continue to prioritize initiatives that focus on the well-being and development of children, ensuring that they reach their full potential. 

The Trumps And NFTs 

The Trumps have considerable history in the NFT ecosystem going back at least a couple of years. It was Melania Trump who first jumped into the NFT space with the release of her first NFT in December 2021. The NFT was also based on the Solana blockchain. However, Solana Labs, the entity behind the Solana blockchain, clarified that it was not a Solana-led initiative. The former first lady released more NFTs in 2022 before former president Donald Trump released his popular digital trading cards collection, consisting of around 45,000 NFTs. The collection was launched on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling solution, and each NFT was priced at $99. Furthermore, each NFT in the collection was tied to special perks, such as a potential dinner with the ex-president. 

While the collection was widely ridiculed, it sold out within 24 hours and became the talk of the NFT space, causing their resale value to surge. At the peak of their popularity, the cards were starting at a price of over $1000 on secondary marketplaces. The former president then released a second collection, consisting of 47,000 NFTs, causing the original NFTs’ price to fall considerably. At present, the original Trump NFTs start at around $185, while NFTs from the second collection start at approximately $54.

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