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This is a trading card filled with art, visuals, and famous scenes from FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, from the birth of FINAL FANTASY VII to FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH.
This is the second part of the collection where you can find your favorite cards filled with the charm of Final Fantasy VII.

These cards can also be enjoyed digitally as “digital cards.” Digital cards are products called NFTs that are managed using blockchain technology and prove the possession of digital data. You can also get any digital card from a total of 209 types. Just like trading cards, we provide you with your own card collection that you can enjoy anytime on your smartphone or PC.

Total collection 209 types
■Normal cards—————-99 types
■Another normal card———3 types
■Premium cards- ————–99 types
■Another premium card——3 types
■Secret card——3 types
■Super Secret Card —–2 types

* Please note that you cannot necessarily get all kinds of items in one box.