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The Social-Fi card trading game on Blast combines fantasy sports with Crypto Twitter.

Fantasy.Top, a Social-Fi game built on Ethereum Layer 2 Blast, is set to complete its mainnet rollout later today.

The game centers around buying and selling digital trading cards and using them to compete in tournaments, similar to fantasy sports. But instead of buying or selling athletes, as one would in NBA Topshot, the cards represent popular Crypto Twitter accounts, with scores determined by a variety of factors such as tweet impressions. The game attracted over 15,000 users during its testnet phase.

Founder Travis Bickle told The Defiant that the initial concept was a blend of “a memecoin trading experience, with the exciting potential to turn a single penny into a thousand-dollar trade” and “the dynamic experience of betting on influencers’ performance and getting financial exposure to them”.

On April 19, the team opened up deposits ahead of the mainnet launch. Since then, over $56 million has flowed into Fantasy.Top from more than 18,000 unique wallets.

Deposits Leaderboard
Deposits Leaderboard

Following the excitement generated by FriendTech in 2023, SocialFi has been a prevailing narrative. While many iterations have come and gone over the past six months, new SocialFi platforms are constantly being developed, and FriendTech still holds a TVL of $35 million.

Blast Gold Rewards

In addition to in-app rewards, players will also be able to earn Blast Gold, a rewards system from Blast that incentivizes usage of the top dApps on the chain. Factors such as category, daily active users, and total TVL influence the amount of Gold distributed to each dApp. It was recently announced that Fantasy.Top will receive the joint second-highest allocation of the latest distribution round, at 733,272 Gold.

Prior to the full launch, users are incentivized to deposit ETH for a ‘Fantasy Stars’ program. During this pre-launch phase, depositors will earn Stars, which function similarly to lottery tickets in the ecosystem, based on the amount of ETH they have contributed. The Stars increase each participant’s chance of earning card packs, fantasy points, Blast Gold, and other prizes, and will be distributed until April 28th.

Fantasy Stars Campaign screenshot
Fantasy Stars Campaign

Unlike most of the other SocialFi platforms we’ve seen, Fantasy.Top is heavily gamified.

“The game is the central element and primary unique feature of our project. We view the game as a catalyst to attract the attention and liquidity required to establish the creator economy’s operating system,” emphasized Bickle.

New users can create their accounts and fund their wallets by visiting the project’s homepage and connecting their Twitter accounts. A wallet will then be generated through Privy, a project that provides embedded self-custody wallets for dApps, and users retain the option to export that address to their preferred wallets.