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Mbappé entered the world of web3 recently after partnering with NFT fantast football platform Sorare.

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a platform that is blending the worlds of fantasy football and cool NFTs with the goal of creating the next generation of fantasy football platforms. Sorare is essentially a digital trading card platform that allows users to buy, sell, trade, and collect cards based on prominent sports clubs.

sorare site

With over 2 million users around the globe and investment from prominent figures in the sports world like Rio Ferdinand and Serena Williams, Sorare is quickly becoming a big name in the industry.  It’s already partnered with 245 football clubs including FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, and PSG a club with its own fan token.

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The Deal

In a first of its kind deal for Sorare, Mbappé has agreed to become the company’s brand ambassador. Considering how iconic of a figure Mbappé is within the football community, this could prove to be rather fruitful for Sorare.

While the exact specifications of the deal are still unknown, there are things we do know. Under the arrangement, Sorare has pledged to support Mbappé ‘s charity organization ‘Inspired by KM’ (IBKM). The charity focuses on educating youths from underprivileged backgrounds about the advantages of web3 and crypto, a noble effort.

ibkm site

Sorare is set to provide training, conferences, equipment, and even a special diploma for the kids IKBM works with. Furthermore, the fantasy football platform will auction off a unique Mbappé NFT with the proceedings going to charity.

All in all, the Mbappé Sorare deal seems like it’ll be beneficial to not only a world-famous footballer and a multi-million dollar company, but also to disadvantaged kids that simply need an extra helping hand. It’s a rarity for deals like this one to yield benefits for regular people, so it’s great to see both parties giving back to the community.


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