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Crypto NFTs are digital assets that use blockchain technology to create scarcity. These NFTs can be used for a variety of purposes, from virtual trading cards and video game items to art collections and real-world memorabilia. In recent years, several celebrities have started their own crypto NFT projects as another way to monetize their fame.

Other platforms such as, offer NFT incentives and tokens to their online community as an incentive or even as part of their promotions package for newcomers to the site. Utilising NFTs has slowly become one of the most fast growing and credible adoptions within the cryptocurrency community. However, if you are looking for celebrity NFT collections available online, then below offers some of the most popular celebrity names online right now. 

The most popular celebrity-backed crypto NFT projects include:

  • Mars House by Elon Musk: This project is Musk’s foray into the world of crypto NFTs, offering limited edition digital artwork created by AI that depicts Mars. The original artwork was sold in an auction with proceeds going to charity.
  • Virtual Reality Society by Vin Diesel: This project centres on the creation of a virtual world where users can purchase exclusive digital art featuring Diesel himself. The VR Society also features social components such as avatars and chat rooms.
  • NBA Top Shot by Mark Cuban: This project offers fans the chance to collect officially licensed trading cards for popular NBA players, with each card authenticated on the blockchain. Cuban has used his influence in both sports and tech circles to bring mainstream attention to this innovative project.
  • CryptoPunks by Ashton Kutcher: This project features 10,000 rare pixelated characters that were randomly distributed and can now be traded on Ethereum’s blockchain for cryptocurrency or other crypto assets.
  • Mike Tyson: Tyson introduced his first CryptoKitties-style game, “The Fight to Survive”, which allowed users to purchase digital cats with the proceeds going to charity.
  • DJ Steve Aoki: Aoki launched his own project that offers fans limited edition NFTs associated with his music – including virtual concert tickets and collectible artwork.
  • Paris Hilton: Hilton released her own line of luxury CryptoPunks that feature her face along with symbols like lipstick and diamonds. The CryptoPunks can be used as virtual accessories for online characters or traded between users.
  • Will Smith and Keanu Reeves: Both actors have partnered with blockchain gaming platform Sorare to create their own fantasy football trading cards. These cards can be used in the Sorare game to build teams or traded amongst other users.

Overall, it’s clear that crypto NFT projects are becoming increasingly popular among celebrities looking for new ways to monetize their fame while also connecting with their fans in unique ways.