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Parallel, the exciting Web3 card game, recently announced the launch of its latest expansion — Planetfall. With new cards, faction abilities, keys, Paragon skins, and more, this expansion is looking to elevate the Parallel experience. Let’s look at the details of what you can expect from Planetfall and the two-phase release.

Planetfall Release Phases

Planetfall’s launch will unfold in two distinct phases: a pre-sale and a public sale. The pre-sale, granting early access to players and NFT holders, includes those who hold Prime Keys, Avatars, Masterpieces, Terminals, Premium Battle Passes, Active Parallel Players with MMR achievements in the current season, and PRIME holders with a balance of over 111 PRIME.

Planetfall’s introduction will be a two-phase event, starting with a pre-sale phase followed by the public sale.

The pre-sale snapshot took place on Thursday, October 19th at 5 pm EST, and the Planetfall pre-sale itself begins on October 25th at 3 pm EST, concluding on October 27th at 10 am EST. 

Packs and Pricing

Parallel enthusiasts will have a choice of three distinct packs to select from: Player Pack, Collector Pack, and Collector Crate. The Player Pack, priced at 0.02 ETH each, offers a basic selection of random cards. Collector Packs, on the other hand, cost 0.2 ETH each and come with additional bonuses, including cosmetics, keys, a first-edition Planetfall Promo Card Back, and a Raffle Ticket for the Ultimate Pack Giveaway.

For the dedicated collectors and gamers, there’s the Collector Crate, which bundles ten Collector Packs at a 10% discount, priced at 1.8 ETH. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to take their Parallel experience to the next level.

Players can anticipate the joy of opening their packs in Q4 of 2023, with the option to transfer them available starting October 29th.

What’s Inside Planetfall

While the exact details of the expansion are still unknown, we do know that it will bring forth 120 new cards, each promising exciting new gameplay possibilities. Additionally, players can look forward to the introduction of new faction abilities and Keys, designed to enhance the game’s strategic depth. Keys will provide various in-game bonuses, such as increased PRIME token earnings for victorious matches. 

Furthermore, the expansion promises captivating cosmetic additions, including Paragon skins and fresh ‘Field Backs’ or game boards, ensuring players can customize their Parallel experience to their liking.

A Glimpse into Parallel’s Gameplay

For those unfamiliar with Parallel, it’s a sci-fi-themed Trading Card Game (TCG) with an array of innovative mechanics. The game follows the standard TCG format, where players construct a deck of cards and engage in duels, with the first player to reduce their opponent’s life to zero emerging victorious.

Parallel cards come in three types: units, effects (spells), and relics, each playing a unique role in the game. The game introduces five ‘Parallels,’ which are akin to gods, summoners, or champions in other TCGs, adding an intriguing layer of strategy.

In Parallel, players build decks of 40 cards, with the option to include up to three copies of each card (Legendary cards are an exception, limited to one per deck). Players can use cards from one Parallel and those marked as Universal. Additionally, each player selects a Paragon for their deck, offering passive bonuses throughout the match and functioning as in-play units with unique stats and effects.

Parallel’s mana/energy system requires players to ‘bank’ cards from their hand, with each card banked increasing their maximum energy each turn. The game begins with zero energy, and players must bank at least one card per turn. On the turn a card is banked, players draw an extra card at the end of their turn, adding a dynamic layer to the gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Parallel’s Planetfall expansion offers a fresh infusion of gameplay elements and cards to captivate players and enhance the game experience. With its enticing blend of strategy and sci-fi allure, Parallel is looking to be at the forefront of Web3 TCG games.

For more information on Parallel, you can visit their website or follow them on Twitter for the latest announcements.