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Ebay & OneOf Green NFT

Through a strategic relationship with OneOf, a leading green NFT network for communities spanning music, sports, and lifestyle, eBay, a worldwide leader in commerce that links millions of buyers and sellers across the world, has announced the release of a series of unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs). By partnering with OneOf, eBay is able to combine its worldwide reach and unrivaled inventory with OneOf’s environmentally aware Web3 technology. This helps company to continue to deliver a seamless experience that enables fans to buy and sell high passionate and highly valuable products with confidence.

The collection has 13 limited-edition digital collectibles that are available as green, gold, platinum, and diamond tier NFTs. Each limited edition digital collectable in the green tier has a maximum of 299 copies, while the highly wanted diamond tier NFT has only 15 copies available. Each non-fantasy trading card (NFT) has a 3D representation or animation of Wayne Gretzky performing one of his famous moves on the ice and can be purchased for as little as ten dollars. Extra  drops of OneOf’s Sports Legends NFT series will actually occur throughout the year 2022 in cooperation with eBay. These drops will reimagine classic Sports Illustrated covers as they pertain to the age of Web3.

This partnership among eBay and an NFT seller is the first of its kind and was inspired by the recent uptick in the collectibles market. eBay’s position as the industry leader in global commerce has allowed it to connect its 142 million buyers and millions of sellers located all over the world. This has provided enthusiasts with access to an incredible inventory while also fostering new opportunities for economic growth through the development of community. Its partnership with OneOf is motivated by the shared objective of preserving the openness of the market while also increasing the availability of collectibles of high monetary worth.

eBay has been a dominant player in the collectibles sector for a very long time, and the platform consistently brings new technological possibilities and more assurance to collectors. In the year 2021, corporation launched a number of market-leading technologies, such as Price Guide and Collection, as well as Image Scan. This year, eBay extended its Authenticity Guarantee service to trading cards. In the near future, company will launch the eBay vault, which will be a secure storage facility and digital marketplace for trading cards. The company vault will facilitate fractionalization and enable customers to transfer possession from seller to buyer in a matter of seconds, without the need to re-authenticate, or ship the item anywhere.

The record-breaking Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky is featured in eBay’s first-ever “Genesis” NFT Collection, which will showcase 3D and motion graphics interpretations of the iconic athletes that have been featured on the covers of Sports Illustrated over the years. The first of these interpretations can be purchased starting today.


Dawn Block, VP Collectibles, Electronics and Home at eBay, said: “NFTs and blockchain technology are revolutionising the collectibles space, and are increasingly viewed as an investment opportunity for enthusiasts. Through our partnership with OneOf, eBay is now making coveted NFTs more accessible to a new generation of collectors everywhere. This builds upon our commitment to deliver high passion, high value items to the eBay community of buyers and sellers.”

Lin Dai, CEO of OneOf, informed: “We are excited to partner with eBay, the largest and most trusted e-commerce platform in the world, to introduce NFTs and the power of the blockchain to eBay’s community of enthusiasts through a dynamic, user-friendly experience. You don’t have to be a crypto expert to buy, sell, and collect NFTs. OneOf and eBay are bringing transformative Web3 technology to the next 100M non-crypto-native mass consumers.”

Wayne Gretzky, Sportsman of the Year, added: “Forty years ago, I was grateful to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it was a monumental moment in my life. I’m honored to bring this collectible experience to my hockey fans who have followed my career for decades.”