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The Donald Trump NFT collection was launched in December 2022. You can buy Donald Trump NFTs on NFT marketplaces that support the Polygon blockchain, for example OpenSea.

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure that’s often surrounded by controversy — while the former U.S. president has a large and loyal following, he also has his fair share of enemies. Like most of Trump’s public moves, his NFT collection also ruffled some feathers. 

Prior to unveiling the Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards, Donald Trump teased his followers that he was about to make a “major announcement”. When this major announcement turned out to be an NFT collection, many of his supporters were confused. This is understandable, as most people don’t even know what an NFT is. 

You can watch Donald Trump’s NFT commercial below:

While Trump’s supporters were likely hoping for the “major announcement” to be something more impactful than an NFT collection, the Donald Trump Digital Trading Card collection did see some success. Before we take a look at how the collection is doing in terms of sales and trading volume, let’s first learn more about the collection itself.

Donald Trump NFTs explained

Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards are a collection of NFTs issued on the Polygon blockchain platform.

An NFT is a type of digital token that is verifiably unique. NFTs are most often used to represent ownership of digital objects such as image, audio and video files. Since NFTs are issued on a blockchain, they can be transferred between users, and it’s easy to check the provenance of any given NFT. 

Essentially, Donald Trump NFTs are digital collectible cards. The cards feature artworks depicting Donald Trump in various situations. The number 45 is prominently featured on the cards, since Trump was the 45th president of the United States.

Donald Trump NFT examples

The cards themselves don’t have any actual utility apart from being collectable. However, initial buyers of the cards were able to get perks such as an invite to a gala dinner at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. 

Some of Donald Trump NFT cards are one-of-ones, which means that there’s only one card featuring that particular artwork. Cards that aren’t one-of-ones are limited editions, with no more than 10 cards sharing the exact same artwork.

Series 1 Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards launched on December 2022. Series 1 contains 46,000 digital cards, 45,000 of which were offered for sale to the public at a price of $99 per card.

Series 2 Donald Trump Digital Trading Cards launched in April 2023. Series 2 contains 47,000 digital cards, 46,000 of which were sold to the public at a price of $99 each.

Where to buy Donald Trump NFTs?

You can buy Donald Trump NFTs on OpenSea or another marketplace that supports NFTs issued on the Polygon blockchain. The price of Donald Trump NFTs is determined by the market. You can’t currently buy Trump NFTs directly for the initial price of $99, as both Series 1 and Series 2 have been sold out. 

Please note that you will need an NFT wallet that supports the Polygon blockchain in order to purchase and store your Donald Trump NFT. For example, you can use the MetaMask wallet. You will also need ETH to buy the NFT and pay the associated transaction fees.

In order to buy a Donald Trump NFT, head over to OpenSea and search for “Trump Digital Trading Cards” or “Trump Digital Trading Cards Series 2”, depending on which series you’re interested in. Cards from Series 2 are quite a bit cheaper than Series 1 cards. 

We’ll use Series 1 in this example. You can use the filters on the left side of your interface to narrow the search down. For example, we’ll narrow down our search to only show NFTs with the “Money Blue” background:

Donald Trump NFTs on OpenSea

After you find a card that you’d like to buy, click on the image and select “Buy now”. You’ll be asked to connect with your cryptocurrency wallet. Then, follow the instructions provided by OpenSea.

Donald Trump NFT on OpenSea

After buying the NFT, you can also use the OpenSea platform to sell it at a later time. We provide a guide to investing in NFTs if you’re interested in learning more about the subject.

Donald Trump NFT value: Are Donald Trump NFTs worth anything?

Yes, Donald Trump NFTs have value. At the time of writing, Series 1 Donald Trump NFTs are being listed for sale from 0.145 ETH (approximately $260) and up. Series 2 Donald Trump NFTs are significantly cheaper, with the floor price currently being 0.037 ETH (approximately $67).

Donald Trump NFTs reached their peak value in February of 2023, when the floor price of the collection hit $980 ETH. The cards have lost a significant amount of value since then, although Series 1 cards are still trading above their mint price of $99. 

Series 1 cards saw a big drop in value when Donald Trump announced Series 2. With Series 2 introducing more Donald Trump NFTs in circulation, the first series cards lost quite a bit of their appeal as unique collectibles. 

Donald Trump NFT floor price

Floor price history of Trump Digital Trading Cards (Series 1). Note the drop on April 17, when Donald Trump announced the second series of his NFTs. Image source: NFT Price Floor.

Since Series 2 cards were sold out, it wouldn’t be too surprising for a third series to be launched as well at some point in the future. If this does happen, it will likely negatively affect the value of existing cards.

The bottom line — Donald Trump NFTs may be bizarre, but the collection has seen some success

While the concept of a former U.S. president issuing his own NFTs is quite strange, Donald Trump’s NFTs have found a niche. 

At the time of writing, Series 1 Donald Trump NFTs are selling at a multiple of about 2.6x compared to their mint price, and they reached significantly higher value in the past.

Meanwhile, Series 2 Donald Trump NFTs have been a disappointment in terms of price. Just like Series 1, Series 2 NFTs also initially sold at a price of $99. However, the floor price of the Series 2 collection is now about $67, which is lower than its initial price.

If you’re wondering about investing in NFTs, check out our article exploring whether NFTs are a good investment in 2023.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Donald Trump NFTs.

How much did Donald Trump make with his NFT collection?

In total, Donald Trump has sold 91,000 NFTs at a price of $99 each. This means that Donald Trump NFTs have brought in around $9 million in revenue. 

How much do Donald Trump NFTs cost?

Donald Trump NFTs were initially sold at a price of $99. However, after this initial minting phase, users were free to list their Donald Trump NFTs on the open market. At the time of writing, the cheapest Series 1 Donald Trump NFTs are selling for about $260, while Series 2 Donald Trump NFTs start at about $67. 

Where to buy Donald Trump NFTs?

You can buy Donald Trump NFTs on NFT marketplaces that support the Polygon blockchain. The most popular marketplace for buying Donald Trump NFTs is OpenSea.