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Sahana Kiran

Donald Trump NFT
Source – Mother Jones

The prices and trading volumes of NFT collections associated with former President Donald Trump experienced a significant increase. The Trump Digital Trading Cards, built on the Polygon blockchain, were being purchased for more than 0.13 ether [ETH]. This was equivalent to slightly above $215. The latest prices marked an increase from the previous week when they were priced at 0.1 ETH, or about $150. Furthermore, according to OpenSea, a prominent NFT marketplace, the trading volume for this collection has now surpassed 17 ether.


This surge followed an interview between Donald Trump and media personality Tucker Carlson on Twitter. This quickly gained immense popularity, with a viewership of 110 million within just a few hours of its broadcast.

In December 2022, Trump launched a series of 45,000 cards. Each of these was priced at $99. These cards showcased depictions of the former President in a manner reminiscent of traditional collectible baseball cards.

The cards were swiftly purchased when they were initially released. As of August 24, the collection had more than 13,000 distinct holders. Presently, a wallet identified as “6D65A7” possesses the largest number of individual Trump NFTs. It entailed a total of 602 cards, while another wallet, “72F891” follows closely with 500 cards. Neither of these holders has currently made their NFTs available for sale.

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Other NFT collections continue to depreciate

The recent uptick in the value of Donald Trump’s NFT collection coincides with a period of decline in the broader market. In the past week, the floor prices of numerous NFT collections have shown a decline. Prominent collections such as MAYC, Azuki, CryptoPunks, BAYC, and several others have faced a notable decrease in their values, with double-digit drops being observed.

There are several distinctive aspects to Trump’s NFT collection, and one of them is that purchasers of the digital trading cards are automatically entered into a “sweepstakes.” This provides them with the opportunity to potentially partake in unique experiences. These involve Trump and include choices such as a Zoom call, a dinner hosted in Miami, or an evening of cocktails at Mar-a-Lago.

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