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The booming craze of NFTs attracted many billionaires and Donald Trump, the former US president is one of them. The hike in cryptocurrency usage and enhanced demand for digital art made the concept popular around the globe. Trump NFT, a collection of digital trading cards with pictures of Trump was introduced to the NFT marketplace in February 2022.    

What Makes Trump NFTs Special? 

After gaming, art, music, and utility tokens, a new type of NFT that is marking its prominence is the superhero-themed NFT. Superheroes simply inspire individuals and provide a model of duplication with adversity, exploring their own strengths and using the same for good work.   

To attract the individual’s loving superheroes, Donald Trump entered into the NFT ecosystem with the Trump NFT collection. It is a collection of 2,852 unique items with a photo of Donald Trump in a superhero costume, cap, and champion belt. Apart from this, individuals can also see Trump in costumes of an astronaut, a Nascar driver, an Old West Sheriff, etc.    

Trump NFT cards style is mostly similar to collectible baseball cards featuring the amazing life and career of Donald Trump.

The limited edition of the cards was released in December 2022, minted on Polygon at the price of $99, and can be purchased using fiat currency or Ether (ETH).     

Another thing that makes the NFT special from others is attractive prizes on purchase. Hand-signed memorabilia, the chance to spend time with Trump, a Zoom call with him, a golf session with him, an exclusive dinner in Miami, meet with Trump in a luxurious private resort are some exciting rewards of purchasing the NFTs. 

Apart from this, an individual purchasing 45 digital trading cards guarantee a Gala dinner with Donald Trump in South Florida.                  

How High Will the Trump NFT Fly? 

To explore the future of NFTs, it is important to look at the current state of the same. Trump’s NFT price is $225.29 with a sales volume of 3.56 ETH and a market cap of $10,137,708. The floor price of the NFT currently is 0.005 ETH with a total volume of 141.95 ETH. Also, there are around 2,367 NFT holders, of which 24.27% are unique holders having at least one NFT of the collection.    

The new NFT gained popularity in a short time and Donald Trump is hoping to repeat the success story with NFTs by launching a second collection of the same. The new collection will include around ten thousand new collectibles which are available for minting on different platforms.   


Trump NFT is one of the most popular and rapidly growing NFT collections in the marketplace offering a unique list of features and rewards. The NFT is mainly introduced with the intention to attract individuals having an interest in superheroes. The NFT offers a wide range of rewards including dinner, meet and greet, and golf sessions, among others with the former US president, Donald Trump.    

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