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Disney fans who like to be at the forefront of technology and appreciate Samsung quality will be very interested in the new Samsung The Frame – Disney 100 Edition TV, a limited edition of the popular The Frame TV that celebrates Disney’s 100th anniversary. This TV is a stunning display of 4K QLED picture quality and a showcase of 100 exclusive pieces of art from the Disney collection. Whether you are watching your favorite Disney movies and shows or displaying your favorite Disney characters and scenes on the screen as part of your Mickey Mouse-inspired decor, this TV will bring the magic of Disney to your home.

First, Disney made it clear they are moving away from physical discs. Now, the studio is venturing further into digital exclusive art. Is this the future of the Disney Fine Art business?

The Frame – Disney 100 Edition TV is available in 55, 65, and 75-inch class models and features a sleek branded bezel in platinum silver metal, a color that represents Disney’s legacy and innovation. The TV also has a special edition remote inspired by Mickey Mouse, Disney’s most beloved character. The remote has three buttons resembling Mickey’s ears and nose and a finish matching the bezel.

The TV also has a unique startup screen that displays the Samsung x Disney100 logo and provides access to 100 individual art pieces from the Disney collection on the Samsung Art Store. The Art Store is an online platform that allows you to browse and purchase thousands of artworks from various genres, artists, and museums. With the Art Store, you can turn your TV into a digital art gallery when you are not using it.

100 Pieces of Digital Disney Art come with this impressive TV display. Click on the image to get a closer look at the screens specs.

The 100 pieces of art from the Disney collection include content from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic. You can choose from iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Elsa, Woody, Iron Man, and Darth Vader, or display stunning scenes and landscapes from movies like Frozen, Moana, The Lion King, Star Wars, and Avengers. You can also create playlists and slideshows of your favorite artworks.

The Frame – Disney 100 Edition TV is more than just a TV or an art display. It is also a potential gateway to the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), digital assets that represent ownership of unique items on the blockchain. NFTs have become popular in the art world, as they allow artists to create and sell digital artworks that are verifiable and scarce.

The artworks from the Disney collection on the Art Store are not NFTs, as they are not minted on the blockchain or sold as individual tokens. However, they are NFT-adjacent, as they are limited digital images only available for The Frame – Disney 100 Edition TV owners. They are also licensed by Disney and authenticated by Samsung, which adds value and credibility.

The Frame – Disney 100 Edition TV isn’t Disney’s first foray into limited digital images, as the House of Mouse has a “digital collectibles” store on VEVE and the very successful Topps digital trading cards, which both sell NFTs that can be displayed on Samsung’s Frame. Depending on the demand for this TV, it could pave the way for more collaborations and innovations in this space. Imagine owning and displaying rare and original artworks from Disney’s archives or future productions on your TV. Imagine being able to trade and collect these artworks with other fans and collectors around the world like we currently do Disney Park Pins.

The Frame – Disney 100 Edition TV is a magical blend of art and technology that celebrates Disney’s 100th anniversary and Samsung’s innovation. It is a must-have for any fan of Disney or Samsung who loves to enjoy high-quality entertainment and beautiful art on their TV. It is also an excellent opportunity to explore the possibilities of NFTs and digital art in the future.