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Bucharest, Romania–(Newsfile Corp. – June 6, 2023) – Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX), a leading global multi-asset trading platform, is thrilled to announce the official listing of Celebrity Coin (CCV2) on the exchange. This listing marks an exciting collaboration between the worlds of entertainment and blockchain, offering traders and enthusiasts the opportunity to engage with the captivating realm of celebrities through the power of digital assets.

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) Lists Celebrity Coin (CCV2) to its Roster of Digital Assets

Celebrity Coin, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneurs and industry insiders, has garnered substantial attention for its unique approach to merging the realms of entertainment and blockchain technology.

Celebrity Coin Ecosystem Explored

Celebrity Coin known as CC is a decentralised ecosystem that is reimaging the film industry by making it more participant centric for all stakeholders involved. Catered to creators, curators, translators, viewers, and more, CC is creating a transparent ecosystem that rewards its participants for their roles and contributions.

Additionally, CC is currently building a decentralized marketplace and streaming platform for all individuals involved in the entertainment industry to create and share their films, series, music, and comedy videos. The ecosystem also boasts an ambitious tech roadmap with 28 projects in the pipeline that range from live events streaming, a proprietary Celebrity Blockchain, a CC-Sports platform, a C-Store merch store, an NFT movie release, and so much more.

Connecting these projects will be the central CCV2 token that will be the source of transactions and rewards the participants can earn.

Regarding the listing, Adam Saini, CEO of Celebrity Coin stated “Studionation UK Ltd and its Celebrity Coin (CCV2) are thrilled to collaborate with DIFX.

About $CCV2

Built on the binance smart chain as a BEP-20 token, CCV2 has a total supply of 60 million tokens, which are distributed for various activities that include ICO, minting rewards, R&D, project development and more.

The fundamental utility of CCV2 is to act as a form of payment and revenue management for artists and users. The token also serves as the central foundation for the catalogue of Celebrity Coin products which are designed to make every step of the film industry chain, participant-centric and profitable through blockchain.




Where to trade CCV2?

As the global fascination with cryptocurrencies continues to rise, the listing of Celebrity Coin on DIFX showcases the growing importance of digital assets beyond traditional financial markets and highlights the expanding reach of blockchain technology and its potential to reshape industries, offering new and innovative experiences for users worldwide.

CCV2 is now available for trading on the DIFX platform at

Disclaimer: DIFX’s activities only consist of listing $CCV2 on the platform. The exchange is strictly not involved, nor does it promote the movie Scar or the web series Kings of India or any project associated with Celebrity Coin and Studionation UK LTD.

About Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX)

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