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German TradFi behemoth Deutsche Bank recently applied for a permit to operate as a digital asset custodian, potentially revolutionizing the crypto landscape in Germany to the advantage of eager investors.

With fluffy meme coins continuing to boom in early 2023, another Shiba Inu inspired meme looks to be entering the market at the right time. Shiba Memu is using AI technology to help it market itself automatically online to become the top dog of meme coins.

What does Deutsche Bank’s move mean for crypto?

Deutsche Bank’s application for a digital asset custodian permit could have a wide-ranging and exciting impact on cryptocurrencies. The banking giant has been considering a crypto market move for a few years. The move could allow traders to buy and sell digital assets through brokers, similarly to playing the stock market.

Aside from allowing traders to play at being the next Wolf of Wall Street, this move from Deutsche Bank could see them launch their own digital currency while providing DeFi services such as tax, valuation services, lending, token staking, and governance voting. This bold move from one of Europe’s most prominent centralized TradFi bodies could signal the beginning of a shift among financial giants towards greater decentralization, just as cryptocurrencies demand.Would Deutsche Bank benefit from recommending different cryptos to its clients, and what cryptos might make their preferred list? A new meme coin, Shiba Memu, might not look like your average banker’s choice, but this cute and cutting-edge pup might give Deutsche Bank something to recommend their customers invest in, especially during its presale.

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu (SHMU) is the latest project aiming to take advantage of the meme coin craze that’s erupted in the past few months. Shiba Memu ticks the cute box necessary for meme coins to flourish, even without the backing of Elon Musk, yet it also provides SHMU coin holders with enough power to give pitbulls a run for their money.

While Shiba Memu’s fluffy Shiba Inu inspired meme is cute enough to rival Shiba Inu and Dogecoin’s pooches — even potentially leapfrogging Pepe — this upstart meme coin is using artificial intelligence to not only give investors unheard of levels of meme coin utility but to self-market without the need for a 100 strong marketing team.

Appropriately, Shiba Memu has enough tricks to win Crufts or the Westminster Dog Show. For example, the AI-powered natural language processing (NLP) algorithms eagerly lap up mentions of Shiba Memu online, assessing investor feeling towards the coin. This drives utility within the platform and fetches automatic content generation for users faster than a greyhound leaves the traps.

Machine learning then automates and simplifies the creation of expert and unique marketing campaigns designed to create one mustard hot dog in the meme coin market.

How does SHMU work?

The native SHMU token enables the pedigree Shiba Memu AI capability to function, from NLP and machine learning to the interactive AI-powered dashboard. Users can use the AI dashboard to see how their favorite puppy’s self-marketing algorithms interact with people online. If a promotional strategy isn’t working, Shiba Memu will change tact and offer online communities a different bone to gnaw.

Alongside tracking the effectiveness of marketing strategies, users can try and teach this dog new tricks by suggesting new platforms, forums, and communities to target. Instead of the dog getting a reward for successfully adopting new ideas, in this case, the user receives a prize in the form of crypto bonuses. This functionality is powered by NLP, enabling a chatbot as intelligent as ChatGPT to receive and act on feedback, with users receiving personalized responses to their queries.

How high can SHMU go?

Shiba Memu is a pioneering new meme coin that gives token holders something beyond the traditional new pet that comes with owning a meme NFT. With the platform sitting at the top of two vastly growing markets, AI and Web3, the token has a vast cross-sector appeal that many meme coins lack. In addition, coin holders are fed utility that is almost unprecedented among meme coins, increasing the coin’s appeal and vitality.

The SHMU presale is revolutionary as the coin’s use case. Instead of copying the staged approach of most presales, where coins are priced at a certain level for a given amount of time, SHMU is taking the lead with a new method. After launching at $0.011125, the value of SHMU will increase by $0.000225 daily, meaning users begin to see gains from the moment they reserve their tokens.

Extraordinarily, the day one investor would have realized 12.13% returns by day 7, 40.45% by day 21, and an eye-watering 119.33% by day 60 as the price hits $0.0244.

How high the price goes in the future is anyone’s guess. Analysts expect returns of 100x on presale reservations to manifest rapidly. However, with extensive utility built into the coin thanks to AI capabilities, the sky really is the limit for SHMU.

SHMU: An enticing digital asset investment for 2023

Deutsche Bank applying for a digital asset custodian permit could be a game changer in the European crypto space. However, the fortunes of Shiba Memu will not be controlled by whether or not the application is successful.

This meme pup is the top dog for new meme coins driving utility to coin holders. With its AI-powered self-marketing ability blowing competitors out of the water, there’s no question that SHMU is one of the most attractive and potentially profitable meme coin investments available in 2023.

You can find out more about SHMU here.

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