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A huge thanks to for sending us a set to review as we bring you this DC HRO Trading cards review.

DC HRO Trading Cards

DC HRO cards are a brand new way to collect as physical and digital collections meet for a unique style of trading card trading and selling.

With this brand new range you can collect an all-new set of iconic art from DC’s comic book history featuring fan favorites like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and so many more.

In Chapter 3, we continue our journey across multiple eras and worlds within the DC Multiverse, but we also make a pit stop in Philadelphia for some super-sized fun alongside the Shazamily as we celebrate the release of Warner Bros. and DC’s “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”, in cinemas on March 17, 2023.

DC NFT Cards

The set will come with the base set cards with two cards per pack themed around Shazam Fury of the Gods.

Each card will have a unique code on the back which you can scan on the official DC HRO app and that will create a unique NFT of that card which you can keep in a digital collection or sell with others on the marketplace.

A pack may contain any trading cards from the collection tiers below, with the following odds in each pack:

  • 40.98% Common
  • 27.53% Uncommon
  • 17.13% Superior
  • 11.84% Epic
  • 2.47% Legendary
  • 0.05% Mythic


One mythic card in particular sold for $1000 recently but looking online the resell value seems to be a little hazy currently with very little cards receiving bids on the HRO marketplace let alone on sites such as Ebay.

After looking at the values of the cards I had pulled from my box I was surprised to see so many of them just sitting there in the marketplace. 

When the game chapters released there was a huge demand for the cards but I’ve seen a few sales here and there on the boxes that maybe they haven’t managed to shift.

There’s no denying the beautiful artwork on the cards with some holos in particular being worthy of a trading card display. They’re beautifully done and scanning the cards for a digital version is a nice touch if albeit in my opinion a bit gimmicky.

DC Trading Cards

NFT’s have always been something that has confused me and unless I’m holding on to a gold mine it’s not something I’m going to go out of my way to collect.

Scanning the cards was lovely and easy as the camera on your phone is used effortlessly and cards and registered instantly, I was impressed by just how quick they registered!

What I will say is that I’ve had a few issues with the app including not being able to recognise my credit card details multiple times (despite them being entered correctly) and a few crashes of the app when scanning. Just a few bugs that HRO can easily iron out I’m sure.

With NFT taking over these range of cards certainly come from a sell for profit angle rather than a collectors angle for me with you not only being able to make money from the NFT but the physical card sale swell.

It changes the dynamic of collecting into more of a business as well as a collecting hobby and I’m not sure how I feel about that. There’s certainly every reason to recommend these cards but the value of my box compared to cost value was about 100% more from the cards I pulled.

The value of the cards within my box was worth double what the box would have cost me to purchase in store. BUT, and it’s a very big but, it doesn’t seem like many people are buying them at the moment.

If you’re a DC fan you’re going to love the artwork and this new unique was of collecting physical and digital cards but I feel as though its still in its infancy and really needs to take off before it becomes something worthwhile for people to engage with actively.

Thank you for checking out this DC HRO trading cards review.

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