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Play the CryptoMages Duality Smart Cards trading card game in the real world and connect it to the blockchain and Metaverse! As a META-Trading Card Game (TCG), each physical card contains a chip that holds its own NFT. This SMART NFT then represents the card on the blockchain and can be trained in the Metaverse. Furthermore, you can scan each card with a smartphone to check its authenticity. Combining the collectible and strategic aspects of trading card games, it does more than that. You’ll also enjoy the Metaverse community and storytelling aspects of an online game. An entirely new type of game, it will allow you to enter online TCG tournaments. Moreover, you can win prizes, join guilds, practice dueling, train cards, and skill up characters. Designed for beginners and TCG veterans alike, this hybrid trading card game includes full card sets, dungeons, storylines, community tools, advanced AI, and more.