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The latest financial disclosure showed that former United States president Donald Trump is holding a big amount of Ethereum (ETH). 

Donal Trump is an American businessman, who served as the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. In the past, Trump passed several negative statements against cryptocurrencies and always supported the US dollar. Several times his statement resulted in a very big dump for the crypto market.

Just a day ago, a financial document came to the public & disclosed that the Former US president held between $250,000 and $500,000 worth of Ethereum (ETH). 

Crypto Investigations showed that the wallet holding Ethereum came from the sale of NFTs, issued by him in Dec 2020. The issued NFTs were 44,000 digital trading cards featuring the former President in different costumes and poses.

At the time, Trump successfully sold $8.9 million worth of NFTs and generated a net $298,000 in licensing fees. 

Following this report, the majority of the crypto proponents are talking about Trump’s 2019 statement. At the time, he said that he is not a fan of Bitcoin (BTC) & also said Bitcoin is “not money”.

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A couple of months ago, Trump criticised the current US president Joe Biden, and Federal Reserve (Fed) reserve policies under the Biden administration. At the time, Trump said that the US dollar is now in a very bad situation because of bad financial policies.

Melania Trump, NASA, & Controversy

However, Donald Trump or any of his family members never supported the crypto sector directly but he & her wife used crypto assets & crypto networks to issue digital collectibles (NFTs).

Once, former first lady Melania Trump issued NFTs collections showing NASA’s Apollo moon landings into digital pieces. At the time, she grabbed huge popularity because all those NFTs were liked by people and created a media sensation.

Later the NASA agency officially reacted to such NASA NFTs trade activities and said that Melania violated the space agency’s merchandising regulations.

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