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Cosmic Cheetahs plans to initiate rolling out its distinct trait and attribute cheetahs to the virtual collectors soon.

MIAMI, FL, USA, May 16, 2022 / — Cosmic Cheetahs stated today that they have produced a one-of-a-kind collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to be bid off, with
a percentage of the revenues going to provide food and clothing to the homeless and persons in need.

Cosmic Cheetahs has revealed the existence of a highly flexible and scalable NFT platform for the mass distribution of digital items, digital merchandise, and digital collectibles in collaboration with other team members. Blockchain digital collectibles, which use the Bitcoin Cash network (BCH) and Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), provide entertainment brands and consumers with a previously undiscovered possibility to propel new revenue streams, generate distinctive consumer experiences, and boost consumer involvement to record levels.

Cosmic Cheetahs is already concentrating on supporting the homeless for the past two years by making and delivering care packs stocked with toiletries, food, hats, and gloves to the homeless in MIAMI, FL, and beyond through their company division

“We founded Cosmic Cheetahs to make it simple for anybody who wants to support homeless people to make it through the day, survive one day more,” says President and Owner BRANDEN MILLER. “Our objective is to deliver care packages to the least fortunate.” If someone spots someone in need
on the roadside, they can give them a few of these bags.”

Flexible Distribution
With Cosmic Cheetah’s workaround, our NFT gives us the freedom to introduce digital merch to market in an exceptional multitude of situations, including for-purchase on emerging e-stores, packaged with physical goods via QR codes, as social gifts via Internet-based booking, and as incentives for achieving different tasks.

For NFTs, the platform employs the SLP standard and Bitcoin Cash. According to BRANDEN MILLER of Cosmic Cheetahs, “SLP was a natural fit for Cosmic Cheetah’s digital collectibles. We investigated numerous blockchain systems and discovered SLP and Bitcoin Cash to be quick, scalable, and cost-effective. We were more than thrilled to be a part of the expanding digital environment.” Cosmic Cheetahs facilitates the circulation of one-of-a-kind, digital, transferable cards, and coins that are specially designed around the branding and afterward released on the blockchain for transparent authenticity and ownership as entertainment businesses and consumers seek new digital solutions.

“The prospect of rare, collectible stuff in the digital realm, as proven by the renewed demand in NFTs seems very strong. We are happy to be the ones offering artists and brands a revolutionary option to give rare digital merchandise to their consumers and followers” said BRANDEN MILLER. In response to the expansion of blockchain NFTs and cryptocurrency, Cosmic Cheetahs is releasing a portfolio of digital assets dubbed “COSMIC CHEETAHS” as a new channel for earning revenue to enhance Cosmic Cheetahs awareness and resources. The first edition of the collection will be available to collectors soon, with a percentage of the earnings (currently 35 to 55 percent) going directly to extend support to the world’s homeless and less fortunate population. Over the following month, up to 10,000 will be added.

To view, browse, or check more details regarding our initial collection of NFTs, go to

In the cryptocurrency trading world, NFTs are a rapidly expanding store of wealth. Non-fungible implies that designs, videos, art, and other digitally generated files are unique, distinctive, one-of-a-kind, and cannot be copied on the blockchain. It’s similar to a digital trading card in several ways. Its worth is directly proportional to its usefulness, popularity, and utility. The expansion of NFTs is expanding globally, and the recent release of many prominent NFTs has already garnered notice and inquiries from as far away as Europe,” BRANDEN MILLER says. We hope that our newest NFT collection will serve as a charity portal for aiding the homeless not only in MIAMI, FL but all throughout the globe.

A Feature-Packed NFT Wallet
The Cosmic Cheetahs platform features a mobile blockchain wallet for Android and iOS with a masterfully constructed user interface where individuals can engage with others and trade their treasures, vying to obtain complete sets and rare items. CTO of Cosmic Cheetahs, stated: “We have made a major investment in mass-producing NFTs. We can generate a number of NFTs in a matter of minutes to support significant events intended to help the poor and homeless, and distribute the collectibles promptly to a user’s SLP wallet. From there, individuals may swap their digital assets with other users and fans.”

Each NFT is assigned a distinct URL, and the properties of these are authenticated as elements of the generation process. We have made these URLs public to encourage sharing, and when a browser resolves them, we display a 3D-rendered depiction of the collection and information about the current owner.”

Built to Scale
The Cosmic Cheetahs solution, which is based on SLP, is pushing innovation and broader usage of NFTs. BRANDEN MILLER, Cosmic Cheetahs’ founder, stated, “Previously, users were barricaded into a single marketplace or an entirely exclusive in-app experience. However, now any Cosmic Cheetah digital collectibles can be procured via a variety of channels and marketed to everyone around the world, even if they are not a Cosmic Cheetah user. This implies that users will have authentic and true ownership, which is made possible by incorporating sophisticated technologies. We are ecstatic about our strategic alliance and what it signifies for the collectibles industry.”

With over 800 brands and artists active on the platform and countless NFTs in the pipeline for international fans and collectors, Cosmic Cheetahs has tremendous momentum in the consumer brand and entertainment communities.

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About Cosmic Cheetahs
Cosmic Cheetahs is a technology enterprise founded to create digital masterpieces and extend support to the homeless population. The company envisions taking the NFT landscape by storm, empowering creators, self-made homeless artists, entrepreneurs, brands, and like-minded people to join hands to create fruitful partnerships that yield results.

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